Hello Sunday Morning


Good Morning Lovelies,

So i thought that i would check in and say hi. I am not really sure what direction that this blog is going to go in this year. I am thinking of just doing a post when & if i have something to write about. Not putting extra pressure on myself to turn out posts that i am not happy with or that make no sense. I think that this Sunday morning post may replace coffee & chat Tuesday’s. and any other catch up posts.

This past Week:

We have been trying to organise the house, you know that week after Christmas where you have put all of the tree’s and baubles etc away, and all of the regular home decor isn’t back out yet, but you still have assorted stuff that doesn’t have a home. Going through cupboards and drawers to sort through whats been hidden away in there from a rent inspection 6 months ago, or for the holiday season. Clearing out magazines and sorting through books. The lounge / dinning area is pretty much done.. My Desk & craft area well thats a whole other story… one that i hope to work on this coming week, that and the disaster known normally as the kitchen. Seriously why does a family of three that rarely has visitors need to many cups and mugs..

Next week:

Jack goes back to work in a week or so. Angel is doing Gymnastics a couple of times through the next few weeks. Me i am doing Project 14, Project Life, Various decluttering prompts.