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[Currently in December]

A year in review

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in. Jack is returning to work in the New Year, Angel received a number of certificates & medals, competed in the Colour Run and Burnie 10 5k runs.

Achieved – working on the family history,

Admiring – All of the beautiful christmas trees that have been shared online

Anticipating – 2017

Blogging – i have blogged this year. probably not as much as i wished to, but most likely a lot more than people wanted me too

Buying – all of the things from kmart. got a new camera – olympus pen 7

Being – able to publish 1 copy of my own book.

Bookmarking – so may different things.

Cooking – Jack has been this year.

Considering – my options for 2017

Coveting – so many things

Craving – sleep

Creating – didnt create a lot this year, but worked on things that are part of the memory keeping process.

Current – trying to get the house organised.

Deciding – what to do next.

Disliking – being broke..

Disappointed – that i didnt get everything done this year.

Digging – that i got so much done this year that i wasnt expecting to do.

Drinking – wine & coffee… it has literally kept me sane.

Enjoying / Enjoyed – spending time with Jack.

Eating – trying to eat healthy but failed a lot.

Family Photo – i think we got about three this year.

Feeling – like a new beginning is in order. that a change is on its way.

Finally – things are looking up.

Following – who has passed away in 2016 has been exhausting. so many greats gone.

Habit – water… i was going well and then stopped.

Happy – that we are almost rid of 2016

Happening – new things on the horizon

Hoping – that the things that we have planned come to fruition.

Hearing – that singers and actors from your childhood / teen years have passed away, really makes you think of your own mortality

Keeping – an eye on the time.

Location – home… went to launceston and hobart this year but thats about it.

Looking – i am really unhappy with how i look at the moment, i am struggling to breathe, and my back is so sore.

Liking – that i am toking things off of the list

Loving – that jacks going back to work…

Listening – to the dishes clanking together (angels doing them)

Making – lists and plans

Main Goal This Week – do all of the things on my to do list

Marvelling at just how fast 2016 went

Needing Need to Finish – Not Digging -Noticing -Opening – Playing –

Planning – on lots of exciting things in 2017

Pondering Reading Sorting Sewing

Snacking ; oh so much snacking. i have literally put on 4 kilos in december

Smelling – the roast dinner we are having tonight

Waiting – for a coffee.

Watching – The gilmore girls, the x files, offspring, winners & losers, kimmy smidt, fuller house,

Wanting – to finish off my very long to do list

Wasting – my days watching binge tv

Weather – rain, snow, flooding, with sprinkles of sunshine.

Wearing – what i feel comfortable in.

Wishing – that 2017 was here already

What grind’s my Gears ; this year people in general

Wondering – what the next 12 months will bring

Wishing – you all a very happy and healthy and wonderful 2017

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