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One Little Word 2017

One year ago today I wrote the post below. I have been pondering on my word for several weeks now, and i still don’t know yet what it will be. I worked on a short list but i am not feeling any connection with those words either:

Home // Commit // Family // Change

[A year of FOCUS]

Whilst it was a great word i didn’t really connect with it on any level. I am not sure as to why i didn’t connect with focus, or why i didn’t actually focus on much this year. It has been a strange year with Jack at home (Feb 16 – jan 17) & no car (From Feb then sold in June, and using Hire Cars, so not been out as much). Angel’s been doing her own activities and i am sure that will continue into next year. I haven’t even focused much on my blog just random posts here and there. I did focus on certain aspects of my life over the year such as my Family History, and getting books that i have wanted for many years as part of that, even printing my own book. Updating family books and getting two photo books printed (i still have ten months of books to make for project life) (which is something that i still want to do). But i think that fell into i was hitting boredom category rather than anything else.


So hard to believe that i started this one word for the year so many years ago. Here are the words that i have used …


2016 // Focus

This has been coming up over the past few weeks, i look forward to exploring this word over the coming year. I want to spend time focusing on my Hobbies, Photography, Health, Family & Home.

2015 // Love

Thanking this word for the past year and what it has brought me, I have learnt to love our home, the people that are in my life and to accept that although i need to make changes i can do this by sending love into the world.

2014 // Journey

Journey was more than just wanting to travel somewhere it was about enjoying what i had closert to home.

2013 // Be


2012 // Write

This is the year where i just wanted to write and journal, take notes and get things either onto paper or here on my blog, cant recall how much of that i managed to acheive. I wanted to get things down so i didnt forget them, i was still grieving for Dad, when we lost mum, so my heart was heavy and i had a lot of grief weighng me down.

2011 // Capture

Capture the moments, the memories, the little things in life through craft and the camera. Was a difficult year as we lost my dad.

2010 // New

We moved house, So a new town, new adventures, new memories to make.

2009 // Create

It feels like a lifetime ago when i chose this word, i would say that this was the height of my crafting years and this is when i was churning out layouts like a mad woman.


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