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[Currently in November]

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

We had Angel’s 15th Birthday, Spent lots of time at home. Watched lots of Gilmore Girls.

  • Achieved Getting the Christmas stuff out of the shed and starting to piece it all together.
  • Admiring All of the pages full of Christmas cheer on Facebook
  • Anticipating Christmas…
  • Blogging Well i wont break any records but i have blogged a bit more this week.
  • Buying so much from some really special pieces.
  • Being tired yet can’t sleep is driving me crazy..
  • Bookmarking houses and plans and creating a dream home that will never exist. Keeps my brain active and stops me thinking about things I don’t want to think about.
  • Cooking Had a lovely chicken dish last night (Jack cooks these days, i have lost all passion for it)
  • Considering ideas & options on a few things.
  • Coveting A clean house.
  • Craving Corn & popcorn
  • Creating A Christmas wonderland.
  • Current Kmart Unicorn Christmas stuff.
  • Deciding If I will do December Daily next month.
  • Disliking People, and by that i mean most of the general population.
  • Disappointed That someone could be so narrow minded
  • Digging The Gilmore Girls reboot.
  • Drinking too much orange juice and not enough coffee.
  • Enjoying / Enjoyed the hot bath I had.
  • Eating too much junk this month, need to get back to working out.
  • Family Photo will take one Tomorrow.
  • Feeling exhausted all of the time, life seems to be a chore right now.
  • Finally i am able to use the Kikki K diary i brought a few months back..
  • Following All of the Gilmore Girls updates.
  • Habit i went from down ing water all day to not drinking it, i have been terrible with it this year.
  • Happy That 2016 is almost over and done with because quite frankly it has SUCKED!
  • Happening right now watching the news.
  • Hoping That the coffee gods will come calling before the end of the night
  • Hearing the cats going mental because they want to go outside.
  • Keeping tabs on my parcels.. I keep ordering things.
  • Location spent the beginning of the month driving around the north west of the little island, and spent the last 3 weeks at home, rarely even leaving the house.
  • Looking forward to The house being organised.
  • Liking the stuff that i ordered from
  • Loving Gilmore Girls, a year in the life. Binged watched the whole thing and then got up the next morning and rewatched the last half of part 3 and all of part 4.
  • Listening To Angel complain about everything..
  • Making lists and checking them twice…
  • Main Goal This Week finishing the projects i started/
  • Marvelling at how little is on TV at the moment, it’s boring as.
  • Needing a holiday
  • Need to Finish everything
  • Not Digging selfish people.
  • Noticing how little steps i have done lately.
  • Opening boxes and boxes of Christmas stuff.
  • Playing too much youtube wastes a big part of ones day away
  • Planning to do more in December than I have in November.
  • Pondering on wether to stay on 28 or jump ship to TiffXO (i chose XO)
  • Reading Jimmy…. hahahaha i started…
  • Sorting everything.
  • Sewing Nothing.
  • Snacking Need sweet food..
  • Smelling Dinner (Steak & sweet potato circles with Aioli)
  • Waiting for the cleaning fairy to clean the house there is Christmas stuff spend everywhere
  • Watching The Gilmore Girls, Neighbours, Home & Away.
  • Wanting life to be organised
  • Wasting my days away watching YouTube.
  • Weather actually nice.
  • Wearing winter clothes, it got cool again, so much for summer being on its way.
  • Wishing that i was as organised as my pinterest boards.
  • What grind’s my Gears People who think that they have an entitlement to kill animals. (having issues with a neighbour).
  • Wondering if i can manage to take enough photos to complete a full year. still need to look at getting them printed.
  • Wishing that 2016 was done and dusted already

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