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November Goals


[Post inspired by Love Bailey Jean

September was a bust, October I kept putting everything off. Here’s to getting November done.

[Here’s to getting November done 

& making it happen]

Looking through my planner it looks to be a slow month for me, Jack has a couple of Appointments & some Uni stuff to attend in Hobart. I can clearly see though that most of the month Angel is busy doing something, She has two different church camps & and overnight stay in Launceston as well. With the year now starting to wrap up, I can see it only getting busier. So here are what I want to get done. 

[1] Work on planner/s

Whilst I am still using my Studio Calico for the next 8 weeks, I want to also start adding things into our Kikki K Family Diary which starts in December, and believe it or not i already have things penciled in for November to February.

I ordered the Leanne Baker Daily planner for myself for next year and the ships in December. But I have brought stickers for it, and I have a very long list of other stickers that I want. So i think another Lime & Mortar order is needed.

I have also taken a real liking to the Inkwell press planners but really need a use for one as I will be using the two above for family / me, I do need one for crafting / photos so may look at it for that.

I did find the Kmart wall planner yesterday that I brought this time last year when I was looking for Halloween Decorations, so I sat down first thing this morning with my SC Planner and added everything for November / December to it, and Jack has hung it in the hallway so that he and Angel can see what they are doing, as most of it involves them anyway. So we will see how that goes over the next few weeks, and I might try and find another one for 2017.

[2] Clean up the house

The house is in some serious need of a revamp, especially with Angel’s Birthday and Christmas coming up. I do like to change the house around as we move into the summer season, as we use the fireplace less and also for decoration for the Christmas trees, Opening up the blinds and letting the summer sun-shine in, Putting away Home Decor for a few months to bring out the trees & decorations.

[3] Go on a date with Jack / Go to the movies

Since Angel will be away for three weekends out of four this month, it’s the perfect time to go out. We do have a movie night planed (see below), but the three of us are going to it.

This is already in the planner.. We are going to see the Premier of Light Between the Oceans. Some of it was filmed about an hour away in Stanley.

[4] Have a Birthday dinner for Angel

You know your Teenager is getting older when she has plans on the night of her birthday, She is off to the school social, so we have decided that the day after her Birthday she will have a Birthday Dinner. No idea’s as to what yet, probably pasta.

[5] Sam / Tiffxo | Meditation & Yoga | Go for a beach walk

I will be continuing with Sam Woods Program, but I also want to see how the Tiffany Hall Program runs {it is ½ price for the first month}.

I haven’t been working out lately (i know bad), So want to try and get myself back into it. Wednesdays are usually more yoga based on 28 and i always enjoy that more, so might try and work on that this month. The Tiffxo plan has Martial Arts workouts which intrigue me, i really enjoy the boxing / resistance ones on 28 so would like to see if i can combine the two.

I have also not been doing my breathing and mediation and have noticed that i have been having a lot more anxiety.

I need to start walking again. My back is really playing up, and i have been spending too many long hours on the couch.

[6] Christmas

I usually start organising for Christmas after Angel’s birthday, mind you i still havent put the stuff away that i brought from kmart & the deer advent calendar i got from target arrived yesterday, and i keep coming across things that never got put with the rest of last years stuff.

I do need to start thinking about tree themes and ideas for Christmas diner. I really like the woodland / scandi theme that i have been collecting for the past few years, but we usually have more than one tree (think forest) so various themes are needed.

[7] Photos (Photo a day / update photo books)

Although i have been taking photos i haven’t been keeping up with the photo book idea that i started in January, i got as far as February. So need to get March to October printed. I do have all of the photos in the collect app just need to work on each month into a photo book.

[8] Blog more

I have neglected my blog lately, so i am doing a small revamp, updating things and need to get out and take some photos. I am thinking of finding a a prompt for November.

That should be enough to work on over the month. I have combined several of my goals to make it easier. So what are YOUR goals for the month? What do you want to make happen in November.

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