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[Currently in October]

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

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  • Achieved Getting though the month.
  • Admiring – All of the christmas things that are coming out. I am a Christmas tragic, so this time of year is like well Christmas to me in terms of decorations.
  • Anticipating – The busyness that November brings.
  • Blogging – Been a fairly quiet blogging month in October. Thinking of looking for a prompt to do again.
  • Buying – Planners & Stickers
  • Being – Lazy when it comes to workouts.
  • Bookmarking – Homes. Yes i am that board, i have been trawling constantly. Bearing in mind i have zero money and no hope in hell of buying or building a home now or in the future.
  • Cooking – Jack has been doing all of the cooking for a while, unfortunately i lost my cooking mojo.
  • Considering – Doing the new TiffXO fitness plan.
  • Coveting – Planners. Stickers. Pens. Stationary in general.
  • Craving – something sweet.
  • Creating – whats that again.. its been so long.
  • Current Kmart Unicorn – Christmas stuff.
  • Deciding – What i want to do over the coming months.
  • Disliking – how disorganised the house is.
  • Disappointed – in my lack of commitment to myself in terms of losing weight.
  • Digging – The fact that i brought a Deer Advent Calender via Target’s Ebay site with a $25.00 voucher. (Deer was $20, Postage $9), i paid in total $4.00 for it.
  • Drinking – Cider, wine
  • Enjoying – all of the local events and goings on in spring.
  • Eating – Cheese.. with the cider/wine. Angel has fallen in love with Camembert Cheese

Beltane’s at the Tulip Festival

  • Family Photo – It has been MONTHS since we last took a family photo the closest i have gotten is three seperate photos put together at the Tulip Festival..
  • Feeling – like i may have a send bout of the flu coming on
  • Finally – Got rid of the watering eyes i had for a few weeks, Was driving me crazy, inside and outside they would water.
  • Following – All of the online drama’s in kmart groups, planner groups, and mummy blogs is exhausting.
  • Habit – Drink more water | Workout
  • Happy – That I got to see the local production of wicked.
  • Happening right now – Watching last nights episode of Australian Survivor Finale
  • Hoping – that Angel is happy with the decisions that she makes.
  • Hearing – From Jack & Angel at the same time via PM/IM with both my watch and laptop sending me notifications constantly.
  • Keeping – myself distracted..
  • Location – Burnie a lot, Devonport.
  • Looking forward to – A couple of days quiet when Angel is away.
  • Liking – Re-watching Offspring, Except for the part where Patrick dies, i have really enjoyed watching it from start to finish.
  • Loving – The Halloween stuff we got this year.
  • Listening To – Jack talking about long distance marathons.
  • Making – Nothing in so long.
  • Main Goal This Week – Work on updating my planner for next year.
  • Marvelling – at how many series i have watched this year.
  • Needing – A bucket load of doughnuts and sugar.
  • Need to Finish – The family tree stuff, i have been neglecting it in recent months.
  • Not Digging – Being so disorganised.
  • Noticing – That i may need to send Jack and Angel and update on next months goings on.
  • Opening – Parcels that the postie brings is so much fun.
  • Playing – Catch up on all of the shows that i have been recording but neglecting watching.
  • Planning – Angel’s Birthday.
  • Pondering – Life…
  • Reading – Working Class By by Jimmy Barnes. well i have been trying too.
  • Sorting – Planners out..
  • Sewing] Nothing.
  • Snacking – Need sweet food..
  • Smelling – The potatoes for the Vegetarian Nicoise Salad that Jack is making for a late lunch.
  • Time – currently 12:44pm although i think i started editing this about an hour a go.
  • Waiting – For Jack to get home, he has been out on the boat.
  • Watching – Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, Survivor Finale, Several episodes of offspring.
  • Wanting – For a late lunch.
  • Wasting – My day away trying to write out this blog post.
  • Weather – The sun is shining.
  • Wearing – Comfortable workout gear, but can’t be stuffed working out.
  • Wishing – That i had of eaten more for breakfast.
  • What grind’s my Gears – The dramas on Facebook Groups.
  • Wondering – what on earth i am going to buy for Angel for her birthday.

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