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Will still do my currently update this is just an quick update..

[CALLING] No One. I don’t like to talk on the phone.

[CELEBRATING] Well i am waiting to celebrate Beltane next monday (Halloween)

[CONSIDERING] What shows to watch on Netflix after i have finished watching Offspring.

[DISCOVERING] Things that i had forgotten on Offspring now i am re-watching it again.

[DRINKING] Coffee, It’s the only thing that is keeping me awake today. Think i need way more than the one that i had.

[EATING] Just had eggs & toast. Now a couple of hours later and i am still hungry.


[FINISHING] The month up by trying to recall what i did…

[GOING] nowhere that i can think of this week.

[HATING] That Angel is so happy at the point in her life.

[HOPING (for)] Good things to happen.. Lotto tickets and wishing on stars and rainbows are not getting me anywhere.

[LISTENING (to)] Trisha Yearwood on Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

[LOVING] The Kikki K Family Diary that i got today.

[ORDERING] I went for a few months without ordering anything online. But this month I have made a few orders. The kikki K Family Diary that I ordered last week just arrived, with some stickers. Have been anxiously waiting for this to come out as i really like the style of it especially with all of the things that Jack & Angel have going on. The stickers i got are all the same as i have found in the past ordering only one set doesn’t get me past a month or two. These ones are just icon / whats on stickers in gold foiling. I also ordered the Leanne Bakery Daily Planner that will come in December & Lime & Mortor stickers for it.

[READING] Working Class Boy – Jimmy Barnes. Well at least I am trying too, every time I pick the book up I get interrupted by someone or something. Need to set aside some quite time to read it.

[SMELLING] The roast rolled chicken in the slow cooker.

[STARTING] To get myself organised for November

[TEXTING] Usually Angel is messaging me by some means…

[THANKING] The universe for fixing things when we needed them to be.

[THINKING] That i need to spend November getting the House organised before all of the Christmas stuff takes over.

[TRYING] To get organised for November. With September being a right off because we where all sick, and then October being so busy with so many things going on I am disorganised. November is Angel’s 15th Birthday, she is also going away for a few days beforehand, and then overnight after, so at this stage i am trying to work out when to have a birthday dinner for her.

[TWEETING] Nothing.

[WATCHING] Offspring… on Netflix. As much as I had been avoiding re-watching the whole series because of the whole Patrick dying thing & the grieving process, I did start from the pilot and got my way through that 4th series pretty quickly and onto the 5th one without him, although he still pops up in a majority of the episodes anyway.

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