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[Currently in September]

All was going along quite well until we all got sick. I pretty much spent a week in bed / sleeping. These questions are a combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes, Amy Tangerine, Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

Achieved: Watching the complete series of Packed to the Rafters.

Admiring: All of the Kmart / Home inspired pages, wishing my house was that organised.

Anticipating: The excitement of Festival Month.

Blogging: Well it’s still a few days out, but i think i got all of the Blog-Tember posts done

Buying: Brought the new Jimmy Barnes Book, waiting for it to be delivered.

Being: So sick SUCKS

Bookmarking: Houses on, yes thats how bored i have been

Cooking: Jack’s been going Indian Dishes & 28 Meals.

Considering: getting an Erin Condren Planner

Coveting: A good comfortable chair.

Craving: Some good coffee, being sick its the one thing that i have gone off of.

Creating: Nothing.

Current Kmart Unicorn: Lockers, Egg Chair.

Deciding: What planner to get for next year, i have tried so many this year and none of them worked for me. They all seemed to lack something. So i think i may just bite the bullet and go back to Erin Condren With a Family Kikki K.

Disliking: Being this unwell.

Disappointed: That i didn’t get what i wanted done this month.

Digging: The wrong girl, from what i have seen so far (i watched an advanced preview of it).

Drinking: Lots of Water.

Enjoyed / ing: Not being sick.

Eating: heaps of Indian food, need to kill this bug somehow.

Family Photo] (forgot to take it!): This is the longest that we have gone without taking the family photo.

Feeling: So sick, the flu is gone, but i still have a cough.

Finally: Lost some weight.. Yay Me. pity i had to get so sick to do it.

Following: All the dramas on the Kmart Pages over contact…

Habit: Drinking water.

Happy: That i will be getting out of the house again.

Happening right now. Watching 800 Words

Hoping: That i am well enough to do all of the things that i want to do in October.

Hearing: Forever Country.

Keeping: Up to date with all of the news today by watching the Project.

Location: Home. To sick to go anywhere.

Looking Forward to: Tunes in the Tulips.

Liking: That the only thing thats making me feel better is Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Loving: That there is so many choices on Fetch / Netflix / Presto & Stan of Australian TV Programs.

Listening To:  Forever Country.

Making: Nothing this month.

Main Goal This Week: Organise 28 for coming month.

Marvelling: At how many series i have watched so far this year.

Needing: to get a planner sorted out for the next few months.

Need to Start / Finish: Start a new TV Show, Finish sorting my room out.

Not Digging: Having the flu for so long.

Noticing: How little time i spent on Social media, updating my blog & taking photos whilst i was sick. I had no energy to do it.

Opening: The mail and finding my book early would be a nice thing.

Playing: With my Bellabeat, it doesn’t seem to by syncing properly at the moment.

Planning: All of the great things we are going to do in October

Pondering: Getting a new chair.

Reading:  Well i was hoping to have read Working Class Boy by Jimmy Barnes, what i have read online has been great, so really looking forward to reading the whole book.

Sorting: The house out slowly.

Sewing:  no…

Snacking: i have eaten so much JUNK this month.

Smelling: with the flu, not so much..

Thinking: That this blog post is a tad long.

TIME: 10:26pm

Waiting: For Kikki K to bring out the new Family Diary.

Watching: 800 Words / The Project.

Wanting: to go shopping.

Wasting: My days away.

Weather: Warm with some rain.

Wearing: Something comfortable.

Wishing: That i could hear properly, just another part of this flu.

What grind’s my Gears: Admin who think that they are gods gift to Facebook.

Wondering:  what exciting things i will get up to in October.

What shows i will watch next month. Looks like some interesting new shows coming. The Wrong Girl, The Secret Daughter, Brock.


    • Hey Jules, Yes this flu isn’t moving, so frustrating. Not sure which dairy i am going to get for the coming year, brought so many this year so i know what doesn’t work for me.


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