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Sunday Sept 18th: One product that simplifies your life?

Bing Notification in… Start Blog Post

Without a doubt i would say that it has been and has to be my iPhone. I use it to keep track of pretty much every aspect of my life. There is no secret that i love my phone, and every iPhone i have had before it. I rarely use it for phone calls these days, as Jack and i mainly communicate via Facebook Messenger. Angel and I Via Messenger or iMessage. In fact i don’t even get calls on it, unless Jack can’t reach me any other way.

So what do i need a phone for?

Bing Notification in… Take photo a day.

I do mostly use it as my everyday camera, as it has my favourite camera apps for editing on it. I use it for various photo projects such as FMS Photo a Day, Ali Edwards Project Life, December Daily, Project Life. (Although i am really behind on it it’s great for Project Life & Photo Books.). To create photos for my blog: Whilst i would love a perfect blog with crisp white light bright photos thats not always possible, and i don’t always want to get my Olympus Camera out to do that. Being able to sit and edit a photo and post on the go is always helpful.

Bing Notification in… Stand up // go for a walk // workout // Fitness Tracker

For a long time now i have been using my phone to keep track of all things health, fitness and wellness. My 6+/Watch both send me notifications if i have been sitting to long, if i haven’t walked enough, my 28 workouts (though i have been very slack with those lately). It works seamlessly with my apple watch and bellabeat trackers.

Bing Notification in… Watch favourite tv shows.

Now that Apple have everything more in sync than ever, it makes life so much easier to navigate through with everything hooked up from my MacBook Air, iPhone 6 Plus & Apple Watch.

Bing: Notification in: Check Facebook.

So this one i could probably live without knowing the ins and outs of.

Bing: Notification in: Check appointments // events // calendar

I am a planner girl from way back, and i prefer to plan in a paper planner / diary, but at a stretch i will also add information to my iCal. Though i do tend to get slack on this and need to set aside some time each week to update it.



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