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It was so lovey to see all of the kids dressing up for book week on Facebook a few weeks ago, so i started to write this post, forgot all about it and then was about to re-write a post for Blog-tember about books, and realised i had already started this list.

These are the books on my i really need to make time to read list, but need to buy a few books to do so fist.


What have i read lately? Well not a lot actually. Most of the books that i tend to steer towards are cook books & biogaphies. I did buy Jamie Oliver’s Super Food cookbook, and i got the Michelle Bridges Make it Happen via her Programme when i did it in Febuary 


As much as i want to sit down and read i just don’t find the time. I used to be an avid reader, always with a book in hand (pretty much like Angel is now, she is currently working her way through three different books). 


Now that winter has finished, and spring is here, and with summer fast approaching here in Australia i have an ever growing list of books that i want to add to my collection. 

Australia’s Working Class Man



Jimmy Barnes | Working Class Boy. I have Jimmy’s Authorised Biography – Too Much Ain’t enough (i actually have two copies), and had the unauthorised biography as well, no idea where it vanished too. Really looking forward to buying this one, which i am sure will become a favourite.


Kick Ass Queens

When it comes to kick ass women these two are the ultimate Queen’s Em Ruciano & Constance Hall. They tell it like it is, and don’t gloss over real life issues that mothers face. Both books are very high up on my list to buy.

Lets get cooking

I am a long time collector of cookbooks of all sorts. At the moment my list seems to be out of control with the amount of books that i want to purchase. All of the Skinnymixers Books,  Jamie Oliver,  Michelle Bridges, Thermomix books & chips.

Tidy Up & Spark Joy

Last year i read the life changing magic of tidying up, and loved it, but really want the physical copy that i can reference along with the newer book spark joy.


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