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A day in the life


{A Very Photo Heavy Post}

A day in the life isn’t a new concept for me as an Ali Edwards / Becky Higgins / Project lifer, so i was prepared for this and had alerts on my phone & watch for each hour, in my diary i had my plans drawn up to do a workout, Angel was going Hiking and Jack was going to the Mens Shed. He would get home we would have some lunch. Angel would get home we would do Happy Hour (an hour of cleaning), have dinner and then watch a family movie. It was all planned… Best laid plans don’t always work out.

8am |

Wake up as Angel was going on a field trip | Hiking with the local youth group. Get her out the door.

9am |

Jack tells me he isn’t going to go to the Mens Shed… That we are going for a drive for the day so i can do photo a day.

First stop Coffee…

Our beach looking stunning this morning.

10am |

Just out of Burnie in Ridgely heading towards Waratah.

A quick stop at Hampshire to get petrol.

We didn’t know it yet but Angel went to Wings Wild Life Park instead, as the youth group where not sure how the weather was going to go.

We where in Waratah

11am |

Heading towards Cradle Mountain. | Angel met some koalas (@Wings Wildlife Park).

While we had lunch at the Cradle Mountain Cafe, Angel was taking selfies with Kangaroos.

12pm |

Jack and I where going to take a bus to Dove Lake,

but i was quicker to drive to the Rangers Station instead and check out the displays.

Angel was getting friendly with some shetland ponies.

We where going to go for a walk, but my back decided that it had had enough (how i was going to do that 2 ½ hour workout i had planned i have no idea), so i sat in the car and Jack went for a short walk to the waterfall.

1pm |

We headed towards sheffield.


2pm |

Arrived in Devonport and had some lunch at McDonalds. whilst Jack was inside i took a selfie and some other random photos.

Arrived back in Burnie.

3pm |

Got home but didn’t feel like going home, so took a drive up to Table Cape.

4pm |

No photo as i went and had a sleep. Angel came home.

5pm |

Sat down and watched Packed to the rafters on Presto.

6pm |

Still watching Presto!,

7pm | 8pm | 9pm

Took some random photos.


Hanging out with the cat.


Random photos.

10pm |

Went to bed…

So what i thought i was going to spend the day doing, didn’t get done. But it turned out to be a nice day out anyway.

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