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I have been doing a longer version of this for a few months now. Check Out August, July, June.

Starting… This blog post hours ago now.. thought that i would never finish it. 🙂

Calling… out to Angel, who constantly ignores me.


Celebrating… Fathers Day with Jack at our favourite local cafe.

Considering… Getting Angel a smart watch / fitness band (Not an Apple), She is doing a 10k Marathon in October, so a early birthday gift since her birthday is in November.

Cooking… Lamb Roast. & perhaps a Slow-cooked chocolate and rum self-saucing pudding

Discovering… Something sweet in this house the day before i re-start



Drinking… Coffee. judging by timehop we did the same thing last year, different cafe, same barrister.


Eating… Fathers Day Breakfast at our favourite cafe. // Photo taken by Jack Beltane

Feeling… Really tired.

Going… to Kmart next week, need to pick up a lay-by before our rent inspection.

Hating… how tired i feel right now, no amount of coffee is working…

Hoping (for)… A magical cleaning fairy will appear and clean the house up for a rent inspection.

Listening (to)… Angel who is dying her hair back to blonde.


Loving… My new outdoor sanctuary

Ordering…  Well i need to

Pinning… Been really slack with Pinterest lately.

Playing… Catch up on blog posts, emails and Facebook.

Reading… Nothing unless you include Facebook.

Smelling… Lunch soon i hope.

Texting… most of the time PM’ing with Angel. 

Thanking… That Australian TV needs more actors, have been watching a selection of shows over the past months and certain people keep turning up in each show, or they played a supporting actor in one, and star in the next.

Thinking…  That i should have not stayed on my phone for three hours this morning.

Trying… to keep up with Angel and all of her activities.

Tweeting… Only blog posts from here.

Watching… Packed to the rafters


Finishing… this post …. Finally… 🙂




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