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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


I have been very slack in the blogging department lately. so this is pretty much a catch up on the past few weeks…


If we where having a coffee right now i would tell you that…  I started a new Photography Page –                            H E L L O   L O V E   P H O T O G R A P H Y  on Facebook, doesn’t have a great deal on there at the moment, and is a bit of a work in progress, but will add to it over time. Mainly just photos of places that we go.


If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that… When we had the hire car last week we went to Stanley, it had been a few months since we went there last so it was nice to just go for a drive and take some photos.


This girl….. I love this photo…

If we where having a coffee right now i would tell you that…  I have been binge watching so many shows this month, A Place to Call Home (S1-3), Home & Away Eye for an Eye, Grace & Frankie (s2), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (s2), Winners & Losers (S1-3 Still watching this, trying to watch the whole series before it’s back next week).


If we where having a coffee right now i would tell you that…  I am so proud of Angel, She has been taking her resume around to all of the local business, to find a job, she isn’t even 15 yet, but has been counting down for close to a year where she turned 14.9months. Most have told her she needs to be 15, but they have taken her details. She is showing initiative and doing something. She still has Breakfast Club, Project O (& now running club), Gymnastics & Math Tutoring so she will be even busier if she was working as well.


If we where having a coffee right now i would tell you that…  Jack finally got to go out on the boat yesterday, nothing went wrong, nothing broke or fell apart, and he came home unscathed.. A miracle. He hasn’t long left to go fishing.

IMG_0654If we where having a coffee right now i would tell you that…  My name is Nic, I have been on 28 By Sam Wood since May, I have been going so well doing workouts and eating the meals in that time. BUT it’s been two weeks since i have done a workout, last week was terrible food wise. It is like i am paralysed with fear about doing a work out. I am well aware that i should get up first thing in the morning and do one and i most likely could be using the time i have now instead of blogging to do one, or catch up on a few i haven’t done in the past few weeks but no i have been comfort eating (KFC/Maccas/Chips/Chocolate last week), and avoiding moving too much. I have been using excuses like stomach pains, TOTM, too cold, headache, generally not feeling well. On Sunday I had chocolate and ended up having an asthma attack, i hadn’t connected the dots before, but i had it again and had another attack, i don’t eat much chocolate at all, and it’s been a while since i had an attack. I know its Progress not Perfection (Sam Wood) & i should just suck it up and JFDI (Just Fricking do it / Michelle Bridges), and i honestly don’t know what’s stopping me.


If we where having a coffee right now i would tell you that… Had a mad crazy Kmart binge last week, picked up a lay-by, spent more money, put another lay-by on spent more money.. Crazy…. Angel finally got her TeePee, which is now set up in the corner of the study area, not sure that’s where it will stay, but she is loving sitting in there and reading. Finally got the Skandi Robe, i love it, also brought some baskets and boxes to go with it. Slowly going through my clothes again (KonMari), & Jack and I have been sorting through our room. Also got new Bedside Tables as i was sick of all of the crap accumulating in them, now i only have my iPad / iPhone / Apple Watch, Jewellery box, lamp. Still on the hunt for a round ottoman and a new bedroom suite is on the cards in a few months, not sure which way i want to go a Fabric Headboard, or Build one like Angel’s.  Something to think about in the coming months, but other than that it’s coming together.

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