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Dear Nan,


I have posted this in years past. 11 years ago today our beloved grandmother passed away. These random thoughts over the years have fallen on to the page. it may make no sense to anyone other than me, these thoughts and ramblings, and memories. but on the page they are written and added to slightly each year.


Nic Beltane shared a memory.

9 hrs ·


Nan, it feels like yesterday that we last saw you, how can 11 years pass so quickly. Missing you now as i did then not a day goes by when you don’t cross my mind. Love you always xxxx


Ten years.
So much you have missed out on sharing
Below is a snippet written many years ago.
Miss you now as much as I did then.

Love to all of the family x


Nic Beltane with Candy Mullins and 4 others in Forrestfield, Western Australia, Australia.

August 14, 2014 · Timehop ·

This remains one of my most Treasured Photos. This is the first and only time that all of the Grandchildren have been together. It’s just sad that Nan wasn’t there to share the moment.

Nan’s Wake… 2005.


what i wouldn’t give to have a cuddle from you right now.. Missing you always xx


Forever in my heart 

Nic Beltane

Thoughts are with all of the family today on nans anniversary. much love to you all..


As the days pass into years you are always in my heart and mind. Love and miss you always and forever..


Dear Nan, in your day it would have been a hand written letter that would take days to get to you, these days I wish I could skype you right now, so I could hear your voice and see your face, or leave you a Facebook & Twitter comment about something funny that Angel has done or said but sadly this you tube video will have to do. thinking of you xxxxxx


Days turn to months Months to years Yet they can’t erase the tears. I still miss you so much forever always RIP NAN 14/08/2005

A little tribute true and tender, Just to show that we remember. Time may pass and fade away, But memories of you will always stay.


Nic Beltane

once upon a time. There lived a beautiful lady, it just so happens that this lady was my grandmother. She had a sharp wit about her, and a wicked grin, and you could tell by the sparkle in her eye that she was up to mischief.

She was a wife to Robert (dec) and mother to Cliff, Richard & Margaret. A mother in law to Shirley, Carol, Dee & Mark.

A grandmother to Jamie, Rhonda, Shane (dec), Nicole, Melissa, Daniel, Stuart, Kristy, Candy, Kelly & Casey.

A great Grandmother to 17 (although sadly she never got to meet some of them).

A life long friend to many, A sponsor for a family from Holland that are still family friends. She took in foster kids, and also boarders. A surrogate mum to mums sisters, and an extra aunty to there kids.

She worked in a deaf school. Sold Mark Anthony Giftware, Loved Bingo, and her lotto.

To most she was just Lil, but to us she was and always will be Nan.

Sadly we lost this wonderful woman on the 14th August 2005. It was a shock to all of us when she passed away, as it was so unexpected.

I often have days where i would just love to sit and chat with her over a coffee or a blue heaven milkshake.

As each day passes into another and as each of as get older i find myself just missing her that little bit more,

wishing that she could see her great grandchildren grow up.

Wishing that she was just here.

Just wishing that i could hear her voice again.

Part of me is missing because she is no longer with us. she was such a major part of my life for so long and i know in my case she is very much missed and forever loved.

So to all the family today i send you my thoughts and love, and wonderful memories of Nan.

So when you see a white butterfly in the garden say hi to Nan for me.

Love Nic. xxxx


Im sending all my love and thoughts to all of my family today. We miss you nan. May the butterflies fly high today with wings spread, May the memories of you never fade. 
She was my rock, my everything. on Tuesday 14th of August 2005 my whole world turned upside down. Jack, Pat and I where at Ricky Grace’s Testimonial Basketball game (anyone who knows me knows that I love my Wildcats.) Angel was staying with Dad & Dee, and as we went out the door Dee said that they would take her over to see Great Nanna Green. The first time they went over dad forgot the house key so he went over again later that afternoon and that’s when he found her. 

Mum called me at the game and we dropped pat home. I couldnt stop shaking, Jack drove me to dads, he picked Angel up and we all went over to her unit to wait for her body to be taken away. We all said our goodbyes too her… then came the arduous task of sorting through her things, she hadn’t left a will so things where divided up between all of us. I ended up with her photos and some cook books, her video recorder, sewing machine, and baking items. I admit there are things that I wont use that belonged to her, but things like the baking and cooking stuff I use all of the time, and I know that she would have loved that I have taken them and that I love to use them and think of her when im cooking. 

Below is a letter that I wrote a few days after she died. 


Dear Nan, 

Now you have passed over into the Summerland, I am going to miss you more than words can say. 

All of my life you have been there, the good times and bad we did share. 

I don’t ever want the memories to fade. 

Your love and laughter lives on in your grandchildren and all our kids too. 

Andrew Road, St Albans will always hold a special place in my heart. As a baby I lived there with Mum & Dad, and then I moved back when I was 14 to live with you, I even had the same room too. I remember every room as it was and even the swan doors too. 

Gramps singing on the radio, Uncle Cliff on the farm, Dad racing his cars too, Aunty Margaret hiding her cigarettes from you. 

Your stories we loved to here. Sharing the fun times as if we where there. 

Craig and I loved to play practical jokes on you. 

Locking you in the cocky cage, inviting the JW’s in for a chat, Racking up the phone bill, (even when you took the key). Even getting you tipsy on Melbourne cup day, which was something that you would never do. 

You looked after me when I was sick, and in turn I looked after you. I remember it well; you gave up smoking that weekend, but later on after we moved back to Perth, we grandkids would catch you having a puff or two, (and we all knew that you grew pot too). 

Memories of a bus trip with Jaffers down the aisle, Melissa was sick in her shoe, Aunty Edna was on that trip too. 

Stick Jaws were a favourite treat, and the hours that you and mum spent sewing our dancing costumes was an amazing feat. 

Passtizzies I did learn how to cook, a family favourite they now are. 

The orange jumper photo, with you in the wig. What a gig(gle) that is. 

The one of you and Aunty Edna, in the pants and slip. 

Melbourne was our home, Across the Nullarbor plains, Through Adelaide we did go, Derailments galore, Milkshakes in Hahndorf, trips to the wineries too a journey on the Indian Pacific, To Perth was our destination, to make a new start with all of the family near by. 

A photo of you and I at my 21st sits by my bed. I look at it and think of the good times, my red devil that you surprised me with when I lived with you, My Barnsestorming cassettes too. A new stereo every year, RED RUM and a Cookoo Clock too. 

The scratchies I would play and the money you would let me keep. We would go to BINGO, but I was too young to play, but pretended too anyway. You could not wait until I turned 18 to take me to the casino; it was something that you always wanted to do… I wonder why I did not get the gambling gene, but it somehow skipped me, sorry to say. 

Lunches in Maddington would always mean Blue heaven milkshakes and chips and gravy too. 

Shopping with you was always a treat. You know, that Melissa, Kristy, Candy and I had a song about you. I can’t for the life of me remember the words. 

We would joke that you were the wicked witch of the east and pats grandma the wicked witch of the west. You would take us into the city to a movie two, and you even took the lot of us to the Perth Royal Show, what a nightmare that must have been. 

I sit here alone, with both my husband and daughter still asleep. I am grieving, and trying so so hard to remember every detail I can about you so I can tell DD what a wonderful person you were. Seeing you lying there, knowing that you died all alone, my tears flow but I know that you are now in a happier place without pain, but in my heart I know that without you in it my life will never be the same. It still has not sunk in that you are gone, and that you will not be coming back. 

I am sorry I have not visited lately; 

I should have made the effort, for you were only just down the road. 

You know, I thought that you would be around forever and I never prepared myself that you would actually go. I will miss that cheeky smile and the laugh too. 

I took it for granted that you were indestructible and that you would be around forever. 

Amazed I am, that my birth notice you did keep, my 21st one too. 

The day after I got married the first person I visited was you. When you found out, you welcomed DH into your home, and heart. 

I thank you for making me the person that I am today, a wife to DH and mother to DD. (I am pleased that you got to meet her). 

Finally with gramps you can again walk, give him a BIG HUG from me; you will both be in my thoughts. Tell Kyle and Bonnie I said hello, and that I love and miss them so. 

A garden DH will build in you honour, your favourite plants, he will place there, May you now fly with the butterflies, in the garden we will smile, under the sundial I have asked DH to put there, so that you and gramps will be able to shine. 

Under a magnolia your spirit will live on. I have run out of words to write here, but the memories of you I will forever hold dear. 

The pictures in my mind and heart, although you are now gone, my life you will always be apart (of) with all my love. 

Your granddaughter… 




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