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Latest Kmart Haul


*as found on Facebook

a few months ago i put on a very large lay-by, i picked it up and promptly put on another one, i will be picking all of these goodies up hopefully in the next few weeks. I had various rooms in mind when choosing things, although some are very random.

For our Bedroom Makeover.

  • I got two of the Bedside tables in white, we have been using the ones that came with Mum’s Bedroom Setting (including the bed) for some years now and they are just a catch all for junk and i am sick and tired of trying to look for something and it’s been thrown in the drawers, so will just store my iPad in mine and have my lamp and watch stand on top.
  • I have been wanting the scandi stand for months now, and i found one in Hobart and didn’t buy it and regretted it immediately, my wardrobe is pretty much organised due to konmari, but a few of my favourite things are squashed in, plus i brought stacks of new clothes in June.
  • I brought two new quilts a few weeks back (one white, one cream), but really loved the grey, and want to keep it aside to put on for Rent Inspections. (now i need some nice cushions to go with it. i am thinking marble & pink)

Hopefully sometime soon i can get a new bedhead, chair, desk to complete the room,


  • As soon as i saw this i knew i wanted one. Will add it to the Gallery Wall, as it is the colourings of the frames that we have up there now, and i really need to move things around.

dinning room

  • I have been searching for these for ages, and they are never in stock. So was pleased that i found them.


  • I brought the Pegboard a few weeks back, and it doesn’t fit under the shelf in the kitchen (damn), so i am glad that i laybyed the planter and vase to put on it. I am loving adding greenery around the house.


  • I lost the sticker books that i previously brought, so grabbed a couple more.
  • A random egg container.

Study Area

  • My goal is to re-organise our study area, plan is to get a new desk and chai, and some storage for all of my scrapbooking stuff/cameras etc. For now this is as far as i have gotten, they may end up on the pegboard yet.


  • now that Jack has a boat, he suggested that he needed a note book, Thought that this one was appropriate, not just because of the boat, but because our business name is Adventure Marketplace.


Angel has been wanting this for a while (we actually brought a pet sized one last year and she has that set up on her Bed Deck, for the cats to sleep in, although i don’t think that they ever do), no idea where this is going to go as its not going to fit into her room.

  • These are just random things that i like, that i have no idea where i am going to put them, also brought a wall sticker with dream on it.


  • How great are these bowls, i only grabbed one of them and now wish i had brought more.
  • When i brought my Macbook Pro i got a BookBook for it, i absolutely love it, but needed a change now i have the air, so got this for myself, i was also looking for the Phone Case but couldn’t find one, may’ve to order it online.
  • All Pictures from Kmart Australia Website. * most of these items are in the latest kmart catalogue that starts on thursday. * this is not a sponsored post.
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