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13989627_10153818396973317_1831138633_n[Currently in June]

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

  • Achieved Getting most of what was on my list
  • Admiring: All of the new Kmart stuff
  • Anticipating: A very long July, With Jack home and Angel starting school holidays.
  • Blogging: not a lot of that happened this month. I think i wore my blogging mojo out in may
  • Buying: Clothes, Home Decor, Planners.
  • Being: Cold all of the time is really starting to annoy me.
  • Bookmarking: Not a lot at the moment.
  • Cooking: 28 meals.
  • Considering: planner options.
  • Coveting: a good pair of boots.
  • Craving: Anything i am just hungry, because i haven’t had breakfast yet.
  • Creating: A blackboard canvas.
  • Current Kmart Unicorn:  the Scandi robe. / hanger
  • Deciding: that a banana isn’t enough for breakfast, but waiting on flooring to be done today for the bathroom, so can’t go out to breakfast or lunch.
  • Disliking: that i didn’t get into Burnie Yesterday, because of floor being done.
  • Disappointed: as above.
  • Digging: That offspring, love child and winners & Losers are all back on TV.
  • Drinking: Lots of coffee.
  • Enjoying: Offspring & love child.
  • Eating: The meals from 28.
  • Family Photo] (forgot to take it!): its the first month is three years that we haven’t taken a family photo at all.
  • Feeling: tired after the drive to Kettering to pick up Jack’s new boat.
  • Finally: Offspring it back.
  • Following:  all of the election garbage on Tv, Facebook, Twitter and in Friends news feeds is driving me bat-shit crazy, i can’t stand anyone in the election, and can’t wait for the whole thing to be over.
  • Giggling: at Jack when he goes on and on and on about the boat.
  • Habit: i need to get back into drinking water. Using a todo list and ticking things off. 
  • Happening Right Now:  Just went to CU for breakfast. 
  • Hoping: That the bathroom will be finished today. 
  • Hearing: Angel for the next two weeks is going to give me an ongoing Migraine.
  • Keeping: Up with the TV changeover is exhausting.
  • Location: Went to Kettering & Hobart. wish we had more shopping time rather than boat / car time.
  • Looking forward to: winners and losers starting back next week.
  • Liking: Fixer upper, especially episodes that i haven’t seen.
  • Loving: my Kmart skinny jeans.
  • Listening To: The ladies on the Talk.
  • Making: Not a lot lately.
  • Main Goal This Week: wash my hair when the bathrooms done. Work on Mum’s family history book.
  • Marvelling:  at how fast this year has gone.
  • Needing:  sleep.
  • Need to Finish: fixing up ancestry.
  • Not Digging Not having a working bathroom as the floor is being fixed.
  • Noticing: how cold it is, and wish i was in someplace warm.
  • Opening:  all of my parcels was fun.
  • Playing: avoid the rain showers when going out, especially now that we have to walk everywhere.
  • Planning:  on a long bath, washing my hair and sleeping
  • Pondering: life.
  • Reading:  facebook.
  • Sorting: clothes.
  • Sewing:  hahahaha… 
  • Snacking: being on 28 i rally don’t feel the need to snack. 
  • Smelling: chemicals from the different glues in the bathroom.
  • Thinking: how cold i am is only making e feel colder.
  • TIME 8AM (still working on it at 12:36pm)
  • Waiting: for the election to be over.
  • Watching: Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Wanting: to get my Lay-by. 
  • Wasting: Today away doing this Blog post.
  • Weather: cloudy with a big chance of rain.
  • Wearing: millers top and kmart skinny jeans.
  • Wishing: My cousin John a happy birthday.
  • What grind’s my Gears: not having a car, and not being able to get things done.
  • Wondering: how come its taken me over 4 hours to do a blog post.

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