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Saturday Stuff


A bit of a family update / catch up.


Angel is away this weekend in Hobart, She has a Gymnastics Competition. She told me the this is her don’t forget what i look like selfie.




walked into have coffee / breakfast the other morning with this guy, and snapped this on the way back.


This guy made me laugh. This is our cat Ed.


I painted up the blackboard canvas and it was sitting on the table, walk in the room to find this.. It’s our other cat Mae, taking a nap..


Ali is around 7 months old now, Angel takes her for a walk most days, she loves hanging out at the beach.

No pics of our old girl Bella, this week, Angel probably has some on her phone. She isn’t well at the moment, is 12 / 13 we think (we got her December 2014) and we where told she was 11 then, She really isn’t handling this cold weather too well or the addition of a puppy who thinks that she is a horse.

and me… 


A lovely breakfast at CU this week. 

lots of things caught my eye this week, which is why i am now broke. hahaha… but i will be getting lots of visits from the postie in the next few weeks with deliveries with clothes, planners & jewellery.

Still loving Delta’s Dear Life, and really need to update my iTunes music Library.


still doing 28, and feeling great, loving the meals that we have had this week, did splurge and have Pizza early in the week, and missed a workout, but did a double one the next day.


The calm after the storm, This is still blocked off as the pontoon got damaged in the storm last week. I haven’t been out in ages to take photos, in fact my camera is on charge, and the SD card needs to be outback in before i lose it, it’s been that long since i took it out for a good photo session.

Until next week.

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