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Saturday Stuff…


After going down to the wharf to see the damage on Monday, we where walking home and i snapped this | OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ok seriously, slow down week.


Haven’t really been anywhere to have anything catch my eye this week, unless you count the many instagram & facebook pages i am on.

I have been looking at the Erin Condren Hourly Layout Planner, Some earrings from Nikki Lissoni but that’s about all.


A couple of meals at CU this week. Loving that it’s Gluten Free / Paleo food, and that there is no guilt or having to find a healthier option to fit in with 28.

Loving the steak meal on 28, that would have to be my favourite.


Loving this song.


Nothing that i can find of intrest.


Perfect weather to sit with a blanket, the heater on and a good book, i just have to find one i consider good.



I can’t get over how quick this qirl is growing up. She went to a film screening last night.

The owners came over this morning, we may have to move out for a few days due to sagging in the bathroom floor (an ongoing issue that we have pointed out to each agent over the past four years). Jack has the boat coming next month, so that’s an option.


I brought the grey vest the other day, it didnt end up fitting me, so i gave it to Angel, She looks great in it, & since she is ful on into Hoodies at the moment loves it.

Still itching do do some clothes shopping especially since we did my measurements the other day and i have lost inches all over (not weighing in anymore as it never changes).

IMG_8110 as found on facebook


OMG so happy that both Offspring (Wednesday 29th) (Still grieving for Patrick) & Love Child (Monday 20th) (But get my Mat Le Nevez fix here instead now) are coming back, especially Offspring, since its my favourite show.

Our Chanel ten channels have all dissapeared 😦 & since a majority of what i watch is on 10/11 this is a problem..

We started to watch Season 5 on Tenplay well it was a great idea until digits tv decided that it was going to stop and start every few seconds 😦 I have recorded 5.5 to 5.13 but wanted to watch the first four episodes again.. Cant be stuffed getting the Dvd player out to watch the first 4 Dvd’s

Not how out lovely little town looks normally thats for sure. | This was taken late last month is more how it looks.


Whilst not as much damage here as other towns, there was still damage and flooding in areas of our town.

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