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My DIY Canvas i did on Sunday Afternoon, tuned out great. I want to age it up a little with sandpaper but other than that it’s done

Hello Friday,

Well after a fairly full on week where

  • we managed to not get swept out to sea in Mondays storm. It has been devastating to see the pictures on Facebook of the towns that have suffered so much damage, and loss of life.
  • I Managed to get all of my 28 workouts done, i have a couple of days to do recovery sessions, so might just go for a walk over the weekend.
  • Saw very little of my daughter as she has been so busy with School / after School Activities, which are going to continue throughout the month, she seems to have so much going on..
  • Went on a couple of Breakfast and Lunch Dates with my husband, which was nice.
  • Was referee to our two cats crazy Antics, They are full on crazy at the moment.

It is a long weekend here this weekend, and we have no plans,

  • The backyard has to be sorted out, The owner is bringing his trailer over for Jack to get rid of some things.
  • I might paint up the second canvas in blackboard paint, have been looking at an Easel so think i will add that to my grab list next week.
  • find the string and hang the last couple of bits and pieces up on the gallery walls.
  • But it sounds like a good weekend to sit back and relax, watch Netflix and generally just get cosy in front of the heater.

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