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Coffee & chat Tuesday


If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that

We have had a huge few days. We have had severe storms that have flooded a big percentage of the island. this is just from one small area here we we live. (Click on photos to see a larger image). The first picture shows the footpath closed, the last picture shows the same area only an hour or so beforehand. The three Jetty’s along the river area all where damaged, The picture of Jack shows him helping pull one of the Jetty Pontoons out of the way of the boats.

If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that 

I managed to walk into the newsagent, and right at the front door on clearance was a Day per page 2016 Debden Calendar (Using it in my Kikki K Wellness Planner, and moved that across to my Kikki K Gold Planner) with times on it, i am wanting to test how it goes by time in my diary, (with a majority of Jack and Angel’s appointments being time based) so i can work out if it’s worth spending so much money on the Erin Condren Hourly planner. I am currently using the Studio Calico Planner but finding with so many of there appointments clashing or by time i need something more readable. Angel’s appointments are out of control at the moment, she is doing so much, that its getting hard to keep track.

28 has started again, so back to doing workouts, yesterday was all done and dusted quite early in the day, today its almost 7:30pm and i still haven’t done it yet. So much for getting up early this morning, it just didn’t happen. now 10:30pm and it’s finally done and dusted, took my measurements as well and have lost weight, so even though the scales are telling me i haven’t lost a thing i have. Slowly but surely. Which gives me an extra push forward because i was feeling very downhearted about the whole thing.

I totally forgot to post this last night before going to bed and bam it’s now Wednesday.. Opps. Angel’s gone to school and Jack has gone detecting, and i have been wasting my morning watching Erin Condren Video’s, just as i resigned myself to not getting an EC for this year, i all of a sudden see them again, and realise that they work better for me. Jacks at the door now.. Yay, managed to fit in Breakfast & a Smoothie.

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