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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


I can not believe that it will be June tomorrow. The year is flying by way too fast. I feel like i have 5 million things to do before tomorrow. (that most likely won’t get done, and in the scheme of things really have no importance to anyone but me), I do like to tie things up before a new month starts. (like a couple of posts i have sitting in drafts, currently, our months family photo, i am now as of today three months behind on my Photo Books, see too quick).

Speaking of time going fast 16 years ago yesterday/today Jack and i started emailing each other, then 4 years ago today we decided to look up what train jobs where online and Jack found one for Tasmania, which started all of the “Plan” and then moving in September  2012.

Jack has gone off detecting and i am sitting binge watching Who do you think you are (of all the places), since starting our own family history, i have become addicted to these shows, Still need to watch Sundays DNA Nation. I am pleased that a couple of our own Family history things panned out this month.

A new month of 28 starts on the 6th June, until then we have a “Holiday Program”, which is just a couple of recipes and workouts to go through. So not a full on workout week. Just need to summon the energy, with it getting colder at the moment the old bones just don’t want to work.

Received the bigger Bellabeat Leaf Bracelet yesterday only to find it’s way too big, but its fine, i maybe able to use it a a later date or alter it to fit, though i am still looking at getting a couple of other bracelets from eBay or Etsy. Still loving the leaf, though i haven’t had time to do many mediations, which i want to sit down and work on.

Catch up for coffee again next week..



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