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Stuff i Love Saturday

IMG_7790Goodness me what a week,



Angel had colourthon last weekend, and work inspirations / breakfast club / gymnastics / maths tutoring throughout the week. For Jack it was a Dr’s Appointment, and we had a rent inspection, and Angel’s Work Inspirations Lunch. I went through the diary for the coming month this morning and oh my goodness it makes this week look very quiet indeed. I think i will need a long nap in July. 


Jack and I went for a long walk this morning, Stopped into some of the local shops, noticed that one that recently opened has shut up shop and moved out already.


Found a couple of things that i quite liked, and brought a single grey cushion cover. After more textured, unusual items at the moment. 



Went for a quick coffee at our favourite cafe, how good do these look.. Yum.. Paleo / gluten Free too.. i was good though. 


Apart from Facebook nothing at all. 


Such a pretty view over the river this morning.


Fixer Upper, House Rules, Neighbours, Home & Away. 


listened to a couple of the Bellabeat meditations. Was so funny as the cat was doing them too. 


A work in progress, most of my clothes have been sorted out, need coat hangers, But have the beginnings of a Capsule Wardrobe started now. 


Happy birthday to my Cousin Jamie, Stepbrother Stuart, Cousins Son and a couple of others, this is like the busiest birthday day i know. 

Post originally via Veggi Mumma


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