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Thank you,

bob-725987In the mail a document arrives, with excitement i open it to find your certificate of death.

Such a bittersweet moment. 

My thoughts drift to memories that have started to fade, i only knew you for ten short years of my life, so the memories are drifting with age.

The love letters written in the sand, on the radio you sang,

To our school you did visit the day before you passed away.

Those before me now also gone. The small memories of which i struggle to hold on. So i look for pieces of paper to tell me the things that i want to

I wonder about the boy you where before coming a man, Your journey to Australia from the Uk, a smile it always brings to think of the name on the ship being the Beltania so similar to the name i now carry, the one i took when Jack and I married.

Opening that document, didn’t tell me much that i didn’t already know, little snippets of a life no longer here. Moments of a loved one oh so dear, to my heart and soul.

bob%25203-727796The paper tells me of your own father, gone a few years before i was born, of your own dear mother who i never knew. then of your marriage to your dear wife, our grandmother who we called Nan, and also of your three children. Their ages typed in black and white shows how young they where when you left this life, something which never occurred to me before.  The Husband and Father that you became, and then the grandfather we called Gramps.

Of where you where laid to rest, of this is the place i can attest  for many a year ago now, i made a special trip to see the spot i which you where in-turned. of course your final resting place this wasn’t meant to be, because you now sit beside Dad, living by the sea, Nan her final place of rest amongst the bushes with your only living son. Perhaps one day you will both be reunited. Your second son has also passed away, the anniverary of his death just the other day.

bob%252C%2520cliff%252C%2520not%2520sure%252C%2520lil-733474I take this time to pay a tribute to you, I thank you for the legacy in which you left, on this day of your daughters birth, how proud you would be to know that you have many great grandchildren who now walk this earth. Of blood and bone a part of you they are, So smart and wonderful, and talented to be sure.

Other papers are in the mail, of which i am eager to read, Detailing your birth in England, and your time in WW2 details of which i never knew. Other things i will eventually research, piecing together the puzzle of you.

Never Too Late: Is there a person you should’ve thanked, but never had the chance? Is there someone who helped you along the way without even realizing it? Here’s your chance to express your belated gratitude.

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