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Dear Dad,


Dad, there was only one you. The twinkling eyes, the cheeky grin.

Always the same photograph I come across Of you acting the clown. Sticking your finger up telling me to put the camera down.

The years continue to fly by, but my heart still has missing pieces. Questions with no answers.

Today it has been 5 years It doesn’t get any easier knowing you are no longer here.

I flick through what photos I have seeing your face so full of cheer.

I wouldn’t be who I am if you where never here.

I thank you for the times I called you up, Your response always the same “how much Nikki-nik”.

I tell Angel these stories, for I want her to know her history, and know who you were.

I reflect to remember and try to piece the puzzle of your life, your journey and achievements so she knows what a wonderful person she had as a grandfather.

Funny stories echo in my head like chooks on your head for party hats and a cardboard box for a tent.

Thoughts drift to those who are, and love heartfelt be sent.

Love you always


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