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Stuff i love Saturday


[Stuff i love Saturday | Loving right now]

Prompt is for a list and since i have SILS as well i have combined the two.


My Olympus Pen E-PL-7 Camera. I have had it a little over a month now, and have had some time to get used to it, and i am so pleased that i made the choice to buy it. I  got a Camera Strap in the mail yesterday that i brought off eBay, i actually wasn’t expecting it to arrive so fast. I have a couple of other things coming over the next few weeks for it, that i am really excited about.


The Bellabeat Leaf. I am hoping that by next weekend i will have one of these around my wrist / neck / on my clothes. I have spent the last 24 hours watching YouTube reviews on it and now i want one even more. I first saw one on someones YouTube account this time last year and i have been wanting one since, the US$ & Shipping have been the main reason why i haven’t gotten one yet, but they are now available in Australia which i am so pleased about. So here’s hoping i can secure one.


My Name is Nic and I’m a Kmart Addict. It’s Been over 6 weeks since my last kmart visit, and i have only been three times this year. Kmart… ahhh Kmart how i miss thee… Especially when they bring out a homewares catalogue of such prettiness, and then someone posts on Facebook that my local store has EVERYTHING in stock. Sigh.. I needs me some pegboards, desks, chairs, throws, quilts, cushions, and dinnerware, clothes and i could go on..

Jill-e Career Bag. I have posted this on here before and its still on my want list. especially now i have the new camera.


This is our smaller Expedite, i have put it opposite the larger one, and have jacks books, and various homewares in it. I love the mix of vintage / retro looking items mixed with the books.


28 by Sam Wood… not a perfect week but still worked out and mostly stuck to the program. Still find myself thinking about the MB12WBT with things like calorie counting and such.


Our Gallery wall that we finally finished. Two or three more to do in the hallway, it’s never ending.

Hanging out with this guy… 


Meals like this at the local Cafe. *Turkish Eggs with Yogurt. So yummy


Gems like this. So tempted to buy it. i love the colour. Who cares that i have 7 other sewing machines, and that i don’t sew. I can just see this on my desk with my orange typewriter


Angel and i cooked breakfast together this morning. It was so good. Plus the fact that Angel wanted seconds because she thought that my ricotta butter was the best thing ever, was the egg yolk on the toast. (just like icing on the cake LOL)…

 What i am not loving is 

  • The new look Instagram.. What the heck where they thinking. Crazy.. and that logo…

Day Two: Write a List: Today, let’s write a list. Compiling a list is a way to let loose, unlock ideas, and free your mind. At Things We Like, Jessica Gross compiles lists of things that other people like. In fact, Jessica’s site inspired one of our Blogging U. editors to draft her own extended list of things she likes. Author Amanda Mininger published a great list in “The Fourth Decade,”reflecting on approaching age 40. She compiled lists within a list, including what she’s gained and what she’s lost. In another list, Patti Murin compiled things learned from watching TV. Today, write your own list on one of these topics: Things I Like, Things I’ve Learned, Things I Wish, Things You’re Good At. There are no rules, though it might help to decide in advance how many items you’d like to include, or set a timer, so you have boundaries within which to work. For example, a list of 10 or 25 or 50 (or more!) items, or intervals of 15, 30, or 60 minutes are appropriate.
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