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Dear Angel



Dear Angel,

I was stuck for a topic for my blog post and opened my phone to find that you had taken yet another selfie with it, It always makes me laugh when i find them. You take them in such random moments. But please remember i would like some full face photos of you, i would hate for your future grandchildren and great grandchildren to think that you only had half a face. It’s been a while since i wrote a letter to you. I am so happy to watch you becoming the young woman that you are becoming. You have changed so much in the past 6 months, and i attribute that with your work with ProjectO, Gymnastics and the other extra things that you are doing before and after school. I know that you are really looking forward to doing the Colourathon next week. Thanks for all of the help you give to both dad & I, it is really appreciated. 

Love Always 


Day Three: One-Word Inspiration: Image by Cheri Lucas Rowlands Prompts come in many different forms. Sometimes, a single word is all you need to get your mind’s wheels turning. Here are six words: HOPE, REGRET, HOME, CHOICE, SECRET, ABUNDANCE. Select one word in this list that speaks to you in some way. Have you always wanted to write about that one decision that changed your life? Are you a long-term traveler looking for the right city to settle? The beauty of the one-word prompt is that it’s open to interpretation. What do you think of when you hear this word? What do you see? What do you hear, smell, or remember? This word is simply the seed for your post: no matter your style or genre (personal writing, short story, poetry, academia), you can shape your idea as you see fit.


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