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I walk into the cafe, the smell of coffee hits me as soon as i enter.

I get comfortable , sitting against the comfy cushions on the bench in the corner.

I delight at the art on the wall, bringing a smile to my face.

Water is brought across to us, we peruse the menu.

our order is taken. we wait, chat, catch up on the news.

Our coffee arrives.

A sweet heart adorns the middle. Oh how i adore coffee art.

The strong smell of coffee beans hits my senses,

but it’s the taste that gets me.

the flavour all so consuming

hitting the right notes, and waking me up.

Just the jolt i needed.

Sip by sip the flavour more intense.

well worth the walk across to the local cafe …

Nic Beltane 2016 ©


Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor
From the simple (butter on toast, a childhood-evoking bubblegum) to the more complex (insert your latest dinner-party triumph — or fiasco), flavor occupies a crucial place in our memories, in our stories, and in our social interactions. Make today’s poem about one flavor and why it matters to you. (Feel like addressing multiple flavors? Go for it!)

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