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I wake up the first thing i do is check my iPhone [screen].

I roll over and grab my watch and look at the [screen].

I walk into the kitchen to make breakfast and see many appliance [screen]s

Into the lounge room and the Tv [Screen] goes on.

Sit down and check my email on yet another one.

I need to do a workout and have to look at the [screen]

My watch [screen] gives me a notification

I go to take a photo and look at the back of the camera to view what i have just seen

Some days i would like to run away and scream because of what i have seen on a [screen]

They are all around us, taking up a big part of our life and days

a jumble of words and visions

until we hit the pillow and close our eyes only to see them again in our dreams.

Nic Beltane  2016 ©

Todays Prompt
Poetry, Day Six: Screen: You’re reading these words on a screen. Screens — comforting, addictive, inescapable — are everywhere, especially when we read and write (and blog). Today, write a poem about, against, or in homage to the screens in your life. Or write about some other kind of screen — for example, the one stretched across your window, or the piece of cloth on which movies are projected at the theater.

Post your note

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