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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


If we where having coffee right now:

I would tell you that we spent yesterday moving furniture around. Sorting through bookcases and creating new spaces in the main living room. The couches have been moved to the middle of the room, as its getting colder we will be back to using the heater / fireplace again, so just have the TV on a small bench. The dining table has been moved to where the couches where, and the now dining room is tucked off to the front where the bay window is, i still have the old buffet and hutch in there, with the chillie cupboard as well. The expedite is still on the back wall and the one from the hallway is next to the fireplace, with the desk under the window, but i am thinking of moving that. Ended up putting the blue chair in the hallway. The hallway is next room on my list to sort out. One thing we did manage was a new Gallery Wall, which i am Loving.

If we where having coffee right now:

I would let you know that I started Week in the Life but not doing all that well, as i keep forgetting to take photos. Also not helping that this week it is raining all the time, and it’s very dark and gloomy in here. Thinking of just leaving it until next week.

If we where having coffee right now:

Going well with [28 by Sam wood]The workouts are a killer, but i have only missed one so far. Really enjoying the meals that we have had.

If we where having coffee right now:

This week is a much quieter one than last week, where both Jack and Angel had appointments everyday.

If we where having coffee right now: 

With Mothers Day over for another year, and the Anniversary of my Dad passing away in a few days at the end of this week it was always going to be harder for me than other weeks. I guess that is why i am not in a memory keeping  / photo taking mood.


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