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The May Edition

How did we end up in May so quickly, wasn’t it just my birthday in March. How did it end up as Friday.. Wasn’t it just Monday.. This week so far has flown by in a blur, this year even faster. I have so many things that i want / need / have to catch up on, that there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day, eve though i have all of the time in the world.

So a quick run though of Past projects, and present pottering’s as it’s been some time since i have gone through it.


Well I had intended to plan and plan, and brought a lot of them to do that, (and I mean a lot – Heidi Swapp Memory Planner, Studio Calico Hello Forever Planner, Kikki K Wellness Planner, Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe Planner, and a couple of others, several Kmart planners and journals, printed off A LOT of planner pages for various workshops). I am now only using the Studio Calico Hello Forever planner as a Family Appointment Diary so it’s mainly for Jack and Angel’s various appointments. Somehow though some of my craft / weight loss stuff has ended up in there. Don’t get me started on how disorganised my planner stuff is.. No planners where harmed in the writing of this blog post. 🙂


Ali Edwards :.

  • Lens of Joy :. Started this, was going really well, up to week 4 & have three videos to watch, so almost done. I am also typing up notes as well to eventually print out and include with the class notes.
  • Day in the Life :. Photos taken at the time, just need to print (either photos or put into a photo book).
  • Week in the Life :. This starts next Monday, and I am pretty much prepared for it, I haven’t brought the kit yet, i was thinking of just getting the digital kit and using that instead, but i love the physical kits and being able to plan it all out.
  • One little word :. My word for this year is Focus (but haven’t really felt it this year), I never got the course, so feel a little out of the loop.

Heidi Swap :.

I have various products that i am yet to use that I brought over the past 3 years that i would love to work on.

Becky Higging’s / Project Life :.

I haven’t PL’ed this year apart from using the app for January / February.

Big Picture Classes :.

I did a couple of classes a few days ago, but need to sit down weekly and do one or two of them. They are a wealth of information and i do learn new things. I really like the Planner & Photography ones.

Art Journalling :.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far behind with this, though i did mange a couple of pages last week. Again something I need to schedule in.


MB12WBT :.

I finished the Feb/April round and lost no weight at all, in-fact I put it on. 😦 But i ignored a majority of the program, i didn’t dedicate time to workout, i ate the meals, but still ate junk.

28bysamwood :.

Started this on Monday, and I am loving it, really enjoying the food, and not very hungry at all, (though i did have some chickadee’s last night) not even having the recommended snacks through the day. The workouts are hard and I am on the easy one, but it’s working i weighed in yesterday (I thought it was Friday not Thursday) and I have lost 1.9kgs since I weighed in last which was on the MB12WBT program (I was 92ish from memory).


Family History :.

I spent the past few months buying files, folders and albums, most are labeled and as i find things i set it aside ready to file.

Research :.

Both Jack and I have ordered some papers from various places in regards to this, we are both working on our respective families.

Unidentified project :.

The folder is made and the photos are in a box ready to go, i just need to sit down and work my way through them, then scan and upload them somewhere.

My life story :.

I wrote my book and had that printed up. I have since found more information that i could have added, so perhaps in a few months to a year i will get a second updated edition printed.

My Life Books :.

I really didn’t do much of this in April, so need to set aside some time to work on each book.

My Mum’s Family History :.

I was busily working on this, but can unstuck with the current generations details, and even though i have requested information from family members I am still yet to get it. So i either leave it or i publish it without the information and offend a majority of the family, it’s a hard one. Or perhaps i just print one copy for my records and leave it at that.


Kon Mari :.

It’s been a year since I first discovered Marie Kondo & The Life changing magic of tidying up / KonMari. We did well until we got to the kitchen, and then it all just stopped, each time i have tried to start again we get a rent inspection within the month of me starting so it all gets put away again. So need to start this at the start of June as we have an inspection at the end of May.

Filing :.

It has been a few months since i did this, and Jack is currently looking for some paperwork, so its evident that i need to schedule this in.

Personal information :.

Jack organised his Superannuation a few months back, and we now have this in two or three Superannuation accounts rather that in the 7 or 8 that he originally had.


FMS :.

I try and work this into my day, but have been very lax.

Photo Books :.

January February are done and Printed, March is in the planning stages. April I have files and folders ready to be put into an app or book, I am yet to make up my mind on how I want to proceed.

Gallery Wall :.

This is a work in progress, even if that progress is only in my head. I really want to get this done this weekend.

Photos :.

The E-PL7 has been a wonderful edition, and i am loving using the settings / features on it, i even found a feature that takes all of the Art & Scene photos in one go (Take one photo and it filters through each of the settings and takes that same photo in up to 40 photos). Great feature and saves a heap of time editing. I love the Collage feature where I can take up to 5 photos in one (great for blogging and project life).

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