Keeping Memories & Hidden Gem’s


I have just been a reading Facebook post in regards to discarding old Diaries and the consequences of a Family member / Your Children finding them.

Now i understand that many girls start writing more personal in-depth diaries / journals at a young age and they continue this for many years. (insert then becoming a blogger / scrapbooker etc), They describe all of their dreams, hopes, angst, crushes, first loves, horrific experiences, mental health and more in these pages, (now it’s all detailed warts and all on Facebook) and yes the thought of someone reading those thoughts is scary and in many instance probably not the way you want your children / other people to view you. So yes it may let people see a side of you that you want kept hidden, but it may also give them an insight into who you where (even the bad bits).

But think of if from another perspective..

I started to go through my old diaries recently (I have a My life story book) and i’m adding notes and dates into it from the diaries (there is probably about 10-15 in all + there are journals with lists and notes in them), and then i will destroy them. There is nothing bad in them they just take up a lot of space compared to one larger book.

It has been because i am doing some family history stuff and i had a lot of Birth / Death / Funeral, full names and details ect written down which has been a fascinating find for me, as i had forgotten those details.

Both of my parents have passed and for me it would be interesting to read a diary about either of them, as it may answer questions that i can’t get answered. I know Mum had a birthday book, and i would love to have even a photocopy of each page just to have those little details that she had taken time to write down.

Sometimes it pays to look in the most random places for this information. I found details on my dad’s cousins in amongst photos and it also contained a newspaper clipping on her brother, it wasn’t for something positive, but it did give me details on who he was and details on him that i didn’t know.

If it’s been years since you have gotten the diary/s out of a box, trunk, bookcase, bedside table, from under your bed, a suitcase, you never know what treasures you may find within.

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