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Currently – April Edition

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

An overseas guest, school holidays and MessFest

Admiring: The Bellabeat (Still), Backpack (Kmart), JillE Bag (Cambags).

Anticipating: Doing a Week in the Life in May.

Being: Sore.. i had a fall in the bath, and with the cold weather as well, my back is in the worst pain that i can remember, I have had a bad back for over 20 years now, but this past week has been particularly bad.

Blogging: Pretty good missed a few Saturdays for some reason.

Buying: My new Olympus Pen E-PL-7 Camera this month has been my best buy in a long time, it was already on special, and then it had a further discount on camera’s & Lenses, so instead of paying $842 we paid $598 for the Camera Body, The Lens and an Instax Camera bag.

Bookmarking: Recipes on This has become my go to place to look for what to cook.

Cooking: We finished MB12WBT, so for the past week i have used a Thermomix Meal Plan that i created on the Thermomix Recipe Library.

Considering: Buying a new Camera (Brought on 20th April) Doing 28 by Sam Wood (Signed up 29th April to start 2nd May).

Coveting: A Kmart shop, its been a month..

Craving: Chocolate Brownies (just had one very tiny one, did the job)

Creating: because i have been working on Family history for a few months now, i let the art journaling fall by the wayside. Last night i sat and drew this. I used a template on Google images, and this is the result. it tells the story of my Scar from my Heart Operation as a baby.. (ignore spelling mistakes).

Current Kmart Unicorn: EVERYTHING!

Deciding: What photos to take.

Disliking: How much pain i am in.

Disappointed : That i have finished watching Both Downton Abbey & MadMen. Need to find another series now.

Digging : Into the Family History we discovered a few things. i had no memory or recollection of ever being told this growing up. so eager to get the paperwork and look through it.

Drinking : Too much coffee lately..

Enjoying : Doing the Lens of Joy Class.

Eating : This month it has been lots of Pumpkin Soup.

Family Photo : This is meant to be our family Photo from march but it was almost the end of April when we took it.

Feeling : Nostalgic, after finding our house we but for sale on

Finally : Feel like i have achieved something with our family photos and history by getting much of it into some kind of order over the past few months.

Following : Some very funny Facebook Posts lately like this one.

Giggling : About some of the silly things that our dog does.

Habit : None at the moment.

Happening Right Now : Jacks’s gone for a walk, Angel is doing a couple of little chores as we have a rent inspection in a month, and i am blogging (catching up)

Hoping : to get the family

Hearing : The Alarm go off at 7am to get Ange up when you have only fallen asleep the hour before after waking up at 3am.

Keeping : A low profile these days not because i want to but because i no longer have the tolerance for other peoples dramas.

Location : We went to Launceston, Cradle Mountain, QVMAG, Penny Royal, Stanley, Boat Harbour.

Looking forward to : This years House Rules.

Liking : The air Purifier we brought the other day. My New Camera.

Loving : That i got a photo of Angel with Jack’s & His Dad’s Military Medals on Anzac Day.

Listening To : Angel complain… (About Charmed, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire diaries and Gossip Girl (how people are on the same shows)).

Making : Plans to do 28 By Sam Woods.

Main Goal This Week : Finish some photo filling

Marvelling : At how wonderful my new camera is.

Needing : More sleep than i am getting.

Need to Finish : Working on the Family Photos. I was working on my Mum’s Side of the family and making a book but that has stalled as i am waiting on some names / dates from family members.

Not Digging : When i spill ½ a cup of coffee over my Macbook Air. The house the we looked at renting going up for sale. oh how still love it.

Noticing : That i am paying more attention to the photos that i take after doing the Lens of Joy class and getting the new camera, i am considering the photo more

Opening : Pandora Box, when researching Family History.

Playing : With the cat, although he has scratched me a few times.

Planning : Out my week in the life photos (in my head) i still need to buy the kit.

Pondering : What to do for Colour Me Positive, i am a few months behind, but want to try and work on a couple more pictures.

Reading : Nothing at the moment.

Sorting : We sorted out both mine and Jack’s photos from Birth to Now, and

Sewing: HAHAHA! funny.

Snacking: On Pumpkin Soup.

Smelling: Smoke all of the time..

Thinking: That i am liking industrial look more and more.

TIME : 11:50am Saturday 30th April 2016. (finished at 2:54pm)

Waiting: To take this months Family Photo.

Watching: Who Do You Think You are. Now Tiny Homes (assorted versions).

Wanting: More hours in a day, even though i don’t use them as well as i should. A new iPhone screen cover, as mine cracked the other morning, (main screen is fine).

Wasting: Time working on this blog post.

Weather: The weather is really cooling down now, with several days of rain.

Wearing: Warm and Comfortable today, though it has made me more aware of how i need to go clothes shopping.

Wishing: That i had a cleaning fairy. the house looks like a bomb hit it.

What grind’s my Gears: Tv Programs not recording at all or only part way through. Telemarketers calling and then hanging up on you.

Wondering: What great things will happen in May.

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