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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


Oh look the right day… Still yet to cat up with Saturdays posts ….

If we where having coffee right now…

I would tell you that I am sore all over, i went to get out of the bath last night and slipped, and fell forward onto the top of the bath, hurt my ribs, my back and my knee and somehow cut my leg.. so think i just need some time out time, and to just sit on the couch and do nothing.

If we where having coffee right now…

I would tell you that I spilt ½ a cup of coffee over my MacBook, Thankfully i had a keyboard cover on it, (i will be investing in another one) so none in the keys, the USB and the SD Card Slots both had something in them. It seems ok now. Just backing up everything. I think the most damage was to my BookBook Cover. backed up. And then i go to move my photos file and it goes Pooooooffffff and gives me the cloud.. mange to find the main file and currently moving 56GB of files across to my external hard drive.. STEP AWAY FROM MACBOOK NOW… Nicole…..

If we where having coffee right now…

I would tell you that it was ANZAC Day yesterday and we went to the local service, this is a couple of the photos i took.

If we where having coffee right now…

I would tell you that This happened this morning. As you can see i am loving the new Camera. I make a point of taking it out with me when we go anywhere. Last week when i posted i said i saved $150, i waited until after the sale had finished to find that i actually saved just over $300, so i am thrilled with that, as there is no way i would have been able to afford it at full price. Looking at another $500 for two more Lenses, so if i can mange to get them on sale i will. I will also be ordering two more batteries and a leather case and strap as soon as i am able to.  So it will be a wonderful Camera kit to have. I am absolutely LOVING the photos that it takes, and slowly learning the settings.

If we where having coffee right now…

I would tell you that i have 6 video’s to watch for Lens of Joy class by Ali Edwards, so think that will be tomorrow’s task. I am really looking forward to doing Week in the Life Next Week, now i have the camera, and have a better idea of what photos i want to get.

In Reality…

i am still devastated about the coffee spillage this morning.. But thankfully i still have a working macbook, and i am able to post this post.

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