Passing the history on


Taken by Nicole Beltane

We all come from somewhere,

and future generations deserve

to know where that somewhere is from. 

Just reading an Article that came up on Facebook, about someones Passing away and their relatives putting all of the ladies history out onto the curb for council pick up. It’s by far from the first time i have read this scenario of many years of hard work being treated in this way.

Our History

I have made it clear to Angel that all of the Family History items I/We (As Jack is also researching his History) have collected are going to her. She is well aware that she may need a Room to preserve them. (Currently it is all housed in an Expedite Bookcase) I involve her in the Process of Looking for mine/her history so she has an interest in it.

Taken by Nicole Beltane

I found on Pinterest a great link to print up, that you can include into your will that your history is to be preserved, and if you don’t want it to pass it onto a family member that does and that can continue to do the research that you have started.