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Weight What!

Michelle Bridges was on Ausralian Story of Monday night and one of the comments made was “never met a morbidly obese person who is happy”. This is most likely the truth, in her many years of being a Personal Trainer and being involved in the fitness industry, she would have come across a lot of people who feel this way.

Do you think that people who are happy with there weight would be seeking her’s and every other weight loss Providers service. No. most likely not. Not to mention the amount of people now seeking out Lapbands / Gastric Sleeve surgeries which are on the increase.

 The ones that do seek out these services are doing it because

  • They are unhappy in some way with how they Look / Feel
  • For medical reasons
  • To have a child.
  • They can’t walk long distance without a great deal of pain.
  • They hate how they look in photographs
  • Their inner mean girl is constantly berating them for how they look
  • not to mention the snide remarks and comments from family, friends and even complete strangers.

Then there is the TV shows about weight loss and losing weight. It’s a multi billion dollar industry, that a lot of people are making money from other peoples unhappiness. We are saturated with Tv. movies, magazines and more on how we should look. We have Dr’s, Dietitian’s and Medical Professionals telling us that we need to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. The now many and ever increasing list of Celebrities and their own fitness plans that i am noticing are everywhere. Books and media saturating our harding arteries with information on fitness.

In February 2013 i started on the MB12WBT program, and yes initially i lost weight. I have written about it before and how it made me feel. I have since been on an off the program over those three years. I am extremely UNHAPPY with my weight and how i look. I hate that i can’t walk for very long, and that i have to stop all of the time. I hate that i get teased and made fun of my people (and even if they don’t i feel like they are). I am very self conscious of my weight, and appearance.

To have to live with that on a daily basis is heart wrenching. It hurts my soul to have to say these words. My time with Michelle Bridges comes to an end on Sunday for this current round and i am going to take some time away from it, even though i know i need to lose the weight and how unhappy i feel i am going to look into another program.

Last year i tried to join Weight Watchers only to receive an email back to tell me i didn’t qualify for their program, not because of my weight i am considered morbidly obese, but because of my height. I am too short. Imagine now how that made me feel, imagine how it still makes me feel.

When my father passed away and the Funeral Lady looked at me and my stepfather and said we would both need wider coffins because of our weight. Imagine how that made me feel.

So yes i can understand why Michelle Bridges has said what she has said, and i did record and watch the program. I also get that people will now come out of the woodwork and state that this isn’t the case, and that they are happy and if they are telling the truth, and that they have never felt this way, then more power to them, and that’s great. But i think a majority of people these days do feel like they have failed themselves, and that they could lead a healthier and more productive life.

I am sure that there are many people who don’t like her for what ever reason, and having been on the program for three years have seen a lot of people change. I love the program, and the routine of it, and in most respects of it i have changed my ways (food, water etc) its the physical exercise that i struggle with and i feel for me thats on only program as i have tried others, but then i have been on this journey since 2008ish.

We went out over the weekend with an International Visitor, and there where many occasions where i felt overweight, and even embarrassed by my weight, and how unfit i am. Jack just said to him that it was because of my bad back / asthma. I love him for protecting me and for looking after me, and taking my feelings into consideration, but never the less i still feel so inadequate and detest how i look and feel.

I know i count myself among the target audience for the fitness industry who isn’t happy.

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