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March Edition

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

My birthday this month, Still no car, Jack’s still home, easter holidays for Angel.

❊ Admiring :  All of the beautiful Instagram posts. So many pretty rooms and homes.
❊ Anticipating :  Taking the Family Photo tonight
❊ Being :  Sick is no fun.
❊ Blogging : Caught up yesterday and hopefully back on track, still have to add photos and do a birthday cake post.
❊ Buying :  Nothing much at the moment, because i rarely go out anywhere.
❊ Bookmarking :  Nothing that i can think of. Though i have been pintresting lots of Family History stuff.
❊ Cooking :  Made mini Quiche last night.
❊ Considering :  what phonebook style that i will do next, Jack has said that he will now pay for them. But i also want to do a Day In The Life Phonebook as well.
❊ Coveting :  New Phonebooks,
❊ Craving : a decent coffee
❊ Creating :  phonebooks.
❊ Current Kmart Unicorn :  Desk, Pegboard.
❊ Deciding :  what to have for dinner, when the cupbords look like they have nothing in them.
❊ Disliking :  not being organised.
❊ Disappointed : that i haven’t finished working on all of the family history stuff, although i have made so much progress, that i should be thrilled with the achievements that i have made.
❊ Digging :  Finding out about my ancestors, knowing their names, and finding out where they lived.
❊ Drinking : Coffee
❊ Enjoying :  Having some time to myself, as Jack has gone to an Appointment.
❊ Eating :  Mini Quiche. Made a Naked cake for my birthday on Saturday.
Family Photo :

❊ Feeling : Tired…
❊ Finally :  Have some faster internet access. It has been painful using less than dial-up speed.
❊ Following :  Instagram and Facebook pages.
❊ Giggling :  about the Studio 10 Ice-cream
❊ Habit :  I have been terrible this month in regards to water. I have hardly been drinking it. Considering i was doing so well in February.
❊ Happening Right Now :  Watching Studio 10, and looking at the cat get up to mischief.
❊ Hoping :  That Jack likes his birthday gift, he picked it so i am assuming that he will. He is still using the bag that i brought him last year for Uni.
❊ Hearing :  that my cousin had her baby this month was lovely news. another leaf on our tree.
❊ Keeping : A track of all of Jack and Angel’s appointments is a full time job these days.
❊ Location :  Went to Burnie, Devonport and Latrobe for my Birthday.
❊ Looking forward to : Going out in the middle of April. Have some places planned to go to, as we have an international visitor coming to Tasmania for the first time.
❊ Liking :  that i haven’t eaten all of the easter eggs…
❊ Loving : that we got a veggie delivery yesterday.
❊ Listening To : nothing.
❊ Making :  nothing that i can think of.
❊ Main Goal This Week : to make jacks cake and wrap his present.
❊ Marvelling :  at how sick this year is going already.
Needing :  to go shopping for clothes.
❊ Need to Finish : Working on the Family Photos.
❊ Not Digging :  that its getting colder.
❊ Noticing :  that i can hear a lot more when there is no one else in the house. ahh the serenity.
❊ Opening : & closing the door for the cat…
❊ Playing :  with the cat.
❊ Planning : Jack’s Birthday.
❊ Pondering : My Ancestry…
❊ Reading :  Michelle Bridges Make it happen.
❊ Sorting :  Through scrapbooking pages, reminiscing about day’s gone by.
❊ Sewing :  hahaha nah not so much these days.
❊ Snacking : on mini quiche, easter eggs, flake chocolates.
❊ Smelling :  Soup, well i will be shortly when i make some for lunch. 🙂
❊ Thinking :  that i need to take out some of these prompts.
❊ TIME :  10:58am Thursday March 31st 2016
❊ Waiting : on news of Jack’s appointment.
❊ Watching : Studio 10. HGTV & 9Life.
❊ Wanting :  to be warmer. The Power-fit machine until i found out the price of it..
❊ Wasting :  the days away.
❊ Weather : getting cooler.
❊ Wearing : casual but warm clothes today.
❊ Wishing : that there was more time in the day, and that i didn’t think of more things as soon as my head hits the pillow. That my back wasn’t so sore.
❊ What grind’s my Gears : Mail taking so long to get here. (though i finally got my Studio calico planner kit).
❊ Wondering :  what April will bring

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