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project getting my life together


This is what the Expidite looked like a week ago.


These where all stacked and sorted into families


Slowly but surely all of Angel school stuff came together


This brings us up to tonight. I still have heaps of things to go away, but its coming together.  Some of these albums have to be moved around once i get new ones as they are only where they are to keep the ones next to it upright. I need more of these white files, they are just household / office files from the newsagent. Contact to cover the older albums and files, so they look more uniform.

Small tour: 

  • Top shelf: 1. Behind door number 1 – Colouring books (Door from bunnings) 2. My Life Story Angel, My Life Story Jack, The Unidentified Project, Our Travel Journal. 3. SUCK UK BOOKS – My Family Cookbook, My Travel Journal, Our Life Story (still waiting on replacement), My Life story (Nicole), My Life Story Angel. 4. Project Life 2013/14, Family albums 5. Door 2 – Craft books.
  • Shelf 2: 1. Assorted family albums 2. Angel 3. Memrobilia 4. Assorted mini albums condensed into files.
  • Shelf 3: 1.Uncle Cliff’s Books 2 Angel 3. Family Tree Books, books about me for Angel 4. Family Tree Information, Empty files, one little word 5. Get organised files
  • Shelf 4: 1. layouts to go into file (i have cut these down so they will fit into an ordinary file). 2. Basket of layouts for albums 3. My Albums 4. Photos to be removed from albums and sorted, the red one has been wet so need to sort that out.  5. Film, slide and photo scanners
  • Shelf 5: 1/ 5 – empty for now, but i still have baskets that need to be stored away. 



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