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Dear Telstra Customers,

IMG_7071Dear Telstra Customers,

You are without mobile / internet for one night and you are outraged. Yes I do understand that it has happened a couple of times in the past few months.

In Tasmania we are going into week two of little to no internet due to the Basslink cable. We are being told that it could be down from anywhere between an week to a few months. We are unable to use Netflix, Stan and Fetch (we pay for these service’s). We can’t access Uni classes (for which Jack has assignments due).I can not get into which is a project i have been working on the past few months.I am unable to do any Big picture classes and more again all things that need to be paid for which we can’t access. When we are able to get internet it takes ages to download, and is slower than dial up. We are having to use up our mobile data on our phones in order to access banking and emails.

Yes i understand that one night without getting on Facebook to see whats happening in the world is frustrating.I understand that not being able to access twitter is annoying. I understand that not being able to read emails telling you that you have inherited 5 gazillion dollars from a relative that never existed is heartbreaking. But try not being able to do any of the basic things that you normally do for days, weeks on end.

Frustrated iinet customer.


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