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Coffee & Chat Tuesday

If we where having coffee right now..

I would be welcoming the distraction that is not being able to get online, and do the little things, like checking email and researching the family history.

I am however catching up on blog posts which will slowly trickle through over the coming days.

At this stage we are now being told that Thursday this week things should be back online. (it’s improving but still not 100% fixed).

If we where having coffee right now..

In the downtime i have been able to sort out some of the scrapbooking albums. so it hasn’t been all bad, still working on it all, and hope to be finished before the week is out. It has made me aware that i need more albums.

Angel pointed out that i have taken a lot of photos of her and after we sorted out her scrapbooking layouts, it was evident as to when the height of my scrapbooking addiction was (around 2006-8), then it just stops.

We have now sorted all of Angel’s Scrapbooking Layouts into albums, 5 albums all up, then a school album, a file for assorted things and a My life story book, and i haven’t even sorted out the photos yet..

I also had a habit of scrapbooking the same or similar photos, for example there is a set of photos of me at a few weeks old and i have used them 5 times.

Doing all of this has shown me that any photos i print now i need to put the persons name and date on them in some form, as it really does make things easier, i have so many that i don’t know, and that just makes the process longer.

It will be worth it once all of it is done, as there have been a few instances of when i have gone to look for a photo and had to trawl through various albums, and struggled to find what i was looking for.

If we where having coffee right now..

I would tell you that i miss being able to go places, the car is back but still not working, so looks like we will be somewhat house bound for a while yet.

Jack’s still home too, no idea as to whats happening in regards to all that.

If we where having coffee right now..

I would tell you that i am really looking forward to watching Long Lost Family, even though i know that it will make me cry.

If we where having coffee right now..

I would tell you that I miss taking photo’s of the beach and being near the water, i know that the Beach isn’t all that far from us, but my back has been particularly bad lately, so i have been avoiding walking anywhere, we didn’t even bother going to the local show or the movie night.

In Reality…

It is Tuesday morning, and I actually started this post on Sunday, so happy that at least its the right day of the week this time.

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