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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


Well it’s now Thursday, that alone should explain things. if not here goes. 

If we where having coffee right now… (This will be longer that usual)

I would tell you i have been really busy working on Family History stuff for the past 4 days. From Playing on Ancestry to updating my new Travel Book & Cookbook (See below), to buying files, and working on those. 

1: My life Story book, Our Life Story (This is being replaced as this one is damaged), My Family Cookbook & My Travel Journal.          2: Same books but with Angel’s included. Once we get the replacement Our Life Story, i will add that to the pile and i am also going to try and get Jack his own copy of the My Life Story. 

I was reading a post i found on Pinterest about Sorting old family Photos. and that led me to finding a couple more. So i have them bookmarked and open on my laptop to read when I get up in a few hours.

So I have set and Album up called “The Unidentified Project” and will add photos that i come across to it. (I will be talking about this a lot over the coming months and I may even set up a page on here for the photos that i can’t identify).

Whilst looking through a box of photos i came across a note with both dates which i assume are my Dad’s cousins, and also a newspaper article on their parents, so that was helpful. I had been avoiding my grandmothers photos, as i assumed that they had nothing in the box.

I really need a flat space (As suggested in Becky Higgins Project Photo Rescue, setting a space up for sorting photos out). That and i am working on Multiple projects at the same time, all with the end in mind, but also with the same theme of Memory Keeping.

So as i find things – Photos or things from places we have been too i put it in that book. But i am thinking i may need to find some baskets so that way i can just add the item in and then go back and sort through it, Plus i notice that Angel doesn’t have a memory Box like i have for Jack & Myself, and i also need to take all of the photos out of the project life albums and resort them into years, correct families.

As part of all of this and sorting out albums, i want to move my Expedite, and set it back up from scratch. Being that it’s now going to hold Scrapbooking Albums, and Family History Albums. I also brought a box for a years worth of memories, but think i may have to get a few more.

If we where having coffee right now…

Thinks its sweet that both of the Flower Girls at my Mum’s Wedding have both had babies within a week of each other. They got engaged around the same time too. 

In Reality….

It’s Thursday Morning, and i know have a lot of catching up to do. 


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