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Stuff I Love Saturday…



EVERGREEN: The Story of a Family – Cliff Green. This is my Families life story, the story of those before me. Dedicated to my Grandfather, and written by his brother. A true treasure of a book, and one that i have always dreamed of having.

A Life Woven Through Time – Nicole M. Beltane. My story, in the form of questions and answers. Sitting watching Angel read this a few nights ago brought me so much joy, as it’s something that she can refer to if anything was to happen to me. I am going to add to the original and get a Hardcover copy done.

Vista Print Photo Book. I was sent the incorrect one, and ended up cancelling the whole thing, broke my heart having to do it, so now i have to create a new book with someone else.

Our Life Story. I was so looking forward to getting this as it is one of my Birthday Presents, But it arrived really damaged to the point where i wouldn’t even be able to stick photos in it. 😦 they are going to send me another one.


Just had the loveliest Omelette. I was never able to cook Omelettes until I got the Thermomix and made it using the Chip Instructions, and they come out perfectly, I add any vegetables that I have on hand and cheese as well, and they are such a lovely quick meal for a weekend breakfast or brunch.


Jack and I have been procrastinating, so we have been looking at homes in Tasmania on So many of them are so quirky, and such a huge variety of homes for sale.


We have retuned the TV and can now get 9Life. So have a stack of recordings of shows that we enjoy watching. Mostly home and Garden type shows.






So Saddened to read that Joey Feek from Joey & Rory lost her battle with cancer this morning. If you haven’t read her Husband Rory’s blog, it is worth reading, even if it leaves me a blubbering mess when I do.

With no car still, I have been housebound, so haven’t been doing all that much.

Caught my eye

Not a lot really.

On this Day

Today is my Great Uncle’s 110th Birthday. Thank you for that little bit of information. 


My Life Story Funnily enough the Our life story i mentioned above is the same one that i wrote about 1 year before hand.


Drowning in a Sea of clutter Again this is something that i am still tackling, and i have been wanting to change things up and move things around this week.


How did your day go?


Making Changes this was a few weeks after we lost mum, and only days after her funeral, so i was still grieving and in a very fragile state.


Crafting On



As found on Veggie Mama.

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