Dear F…


Dear Friday,

Well here you are again. thought i would do a one off post for today… You know strike while the inspiration is there.

Dear Final,

Sorry but Today is the NBL Grandfinal if we win tonight it will be our 7th Grandfinal trophy. Good Luck Wildcats. Unfortunately we are going into round 3 on Sunday.

Dear Friends with new Babies/Grandbabies.

I think all of your babies are beautiful and adorable. Because of this i will not be voting for anyone’s baby in the Face of Bonds Competition. My feed is inundated with these sweet little cherub faces, and it would be unfair to vote for one and not another, and with so many of you entering thats a lot of people to vote fore.

Dear Fallon,

Congratulations on the birth of your new little one.

Happy Friday



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