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February 2016

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.


Admiring :  The book I wrote, I can’t get over that it has my name on the cover, ok, its not going to be a best selling novel or anything like that, this is the only copy, but for me it holds 43 years of my memories and family history. Angel doesn’t appreciate it now but i hope in years to come it becomes a special part of her life.

Anticipating :  The coming month, after sitting down and going through all of Jack & Angel’s Appointments, and school things its going to be a full on March.

Being : Busy working on so many small projects that are really just an extension of each other.

Blogging : Still blogging a few days a week, and happy with how thats going, when the mood strikes I do a draft and have managed to go through all of them, except i for got to do this currently Update..


Buying :  Books, books and more Books… I have shared a couple of posts over the month.

Bookmarking :   Family History Posts.

Cooking :  MB12WBT Recipes, and Bookmarking others to CopyMeThat.

Considering :   What to do in March, i think working on my Scrapbooking albums and getting them into some kind of order is the plan.

Coveting :  Anything from Kmart.

Craving : A Cup of Tea.

Creating :  Family memories

Current Kmart Unicorn :  Any of the Furniture.

Deciding :   What Tea to have for March have tea month 🙂

Disliking :  Not being able to sleep.

Disappointed : That Jack has and will have to go through more work crap in March. February was bad enough. And the fact that our car decided to cark it as well.

Digging :  Being a Published author.

Drinking :  Earl Grey Tea.


Enjoying :   Getting Books that i have been wanting for a very long time. Especially my Dad’s Family one. That means so much to me to have a copy.

Eating :  Hot Cross Buns (but sadly Jack didn’t cook them enough so told him he can finish mine).

Family Photo


Feeling : Like i have accomplished things by buying the family book, and getting my one published.

Finally :   It’s almost Mine and Jack’s Birthdays, throw Easter into the middle of that week and it’s going to be fun..

Following :  Up on Ancestry hints.  

Giggling :   About how silly our kitten is.

Habit : 1st of January until today I have been drinking water each day. Most days it’s been two 600ml bottles. I have continued this in February only missed one day, February has also been working on Family History Month, so i have been concentrating on updating my Books.  

Happening Right Now :  Sitting here working on this, on the 1st of March, Jack has just finished doing some Uni Stuff, Angel’s already gone to school for her full on day (Breakfast club, School, Media Training, Gymnastics).

Hoping :   That March is a wonderful month. Though i do think it’s going to be busy and drama filled.

Hearing :   We went to the Runcible Ensemble and listed to some great music and poetry.

Keeping :  Up with my diary is proving to be a tad harder than i had doped, i am fine with the family one but have let the rest lapse a little. 

Location :  We went to Launceston, and then Deloraine, was nice to get out of our little bubble for a little while, also a late night shopping trip to Devonport. We had planned on going to Ulverstone to the Markets on Sunday, but our Car broke down in Burnie, so we ended up needed  a Hire car to get home.

Looking forward to :   My birthday. I like to think of the day as a re-birth, where i get to make new plans like having New Years all over again.

DSCF7950 (1)

Liking :  That even though we had a CRAP February, i still managed to get a few things ticked off of my bucket list.

Loving :  Adam Brand & The Outlaws CD

Listening To :  Studio 10 and Jack’s Uni Lecture.

Making :  Books & Organising Memories.

Main Goal This Week :  To finish things up from February. And get things prepared for March.

Marvelling :   The amount of water i have had so far this year, and i am only having two 600ml bottles a day, some days i may have a little more.

Needing :  To get more contact to finish albums.  

Need to Finish :   Coving my older Scrapbooking Albums.

Not Digging :  how cold it is getting all of a sudden, we have had an unusually warm summer for North West Tasmania.

Noticing :  How much of this i have already done, and thinking am i going to finish it before 9am.

Opening :  Parcels of books, to see which one has arrived is fun. With 7 of them ordered its a game now to see which one arrives.

Playing :  with the kitten.

Planning :  Spent yesterday working on my planner for march adding in all of Jack and Angels Appointments and School things.   

Pondering :  My iTunes library, really think it needs a revamp.

Reading :  A life Woven Through Time by Nicole M. Beltane 🙂 hahaha love saying that…


Sorting :  Scrapbooks in March is going to take a little doing and organising but having it done is going to feel so good.

Sewing :  Um Nope..

Snacking :   I know i am on MB12WBT but i have been craving sweet food lately.  May need to up my water intake.

Smelling :  Smoke, i am so glad that most of the fires around us are out now, as the smoke smell was getting a bit much.

Thinking :  How frustrating things are..

TIME : started this around 7:15am – Finished it 8:59am

Waiting :  For something yummy for Breakfast.

Watching :  The X Files – Loved it / Molly – Loved it / Wanted Loving it. 

Wanting :  More money in the bank now i have checked how much i had in there.

Wasting :  My days away researching our Family History on

Weather :  Getting very cool now.

Wearing :  Loving jeggings / skinny jeans, who would have thought. But OMG… so comfortable.

Wishing :  That the bank would take money out straight away and now make things pending its so frustrating.

Wondering :  What great things will happen in the coming month.  


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