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Stuff I Love Saturday


Saturday February 27th 2016

Stuff I Love Saturday

The weeks are just flying by, and its gotten to that i cant even recall what the day is, hence a day late in posting this.


Still not reading anything


  • Jack cooked up a lovely roast dinner.
  • Had the most delightful gluten free donut / muffin from our favourite cafe.


Went to Devonport, so lovely sea views.

TV Wise: Binged watched Fuller House. Loved it. Sad that The X Files is finishing this week, have loved having it back on. Really liking Wanted.


It has occurred to me that i really need to update my iTunes library..


So glad that the week is almost over. What with Appointments concerning Jacks Work, and him having Dr’s Appointments. Angel’s regular school and after school things, a rent inspection that didn’t go all that well, The anniversary of my Mum Passing away, and niggly little problems with the car (which is now off the road, so we have had to hire a hire car for the night) because we broke down in Burnie this (Sunday) morning. So i am a little fed up with things at this point in time.   

Caught my eye

A few weeks ago we spotted a ladder at the secondhand shop, painted grey already, really well made. but had no money on us at the time. Jack came home yesterday and said that Ladder is still there do you still want it, and i am like “Hell Yes”!… So now i need to set it up in a little corner with the little grey chair that i re-did. Perhaps a couple of books, a vase of flowers and some other decorations on it.

Moments in Time from This week. 

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