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Stuff I Love Saturday


Stuff I Love Saturday

Ok so this is now a day late due to the fact that we spent the day in Launceston at the Wooden Boat Rally, and then last night went to The Runcible Ensemble at our favourite local cafe. 


Nothing this week, I have been concentrating on my Family History and story, so thats taken up a big thank of my time.  


Nothing to write home about this week, did enjoy a Subway Wrap a few days ago for dinner because neither of us could be bothered cooking


The X Files. Can’t believe that we waited so many years for it to come back and it’s almost over.

Finished watching Molly, was great.


Sat in the car on the way back from Launceston and listened to Adam Brand & The Outlaws CD. Some great music on it.


We have had a stressful few days in regards to Jack’s Job hence why my last two posts have been backdated. Hopefully the problem will be resolved after he has a meeting tomorrow.

A difficult week coming up so the job thing was the last thing we needed.

Found the house my grandparents moved to in Launceston after living in Burnie, so got a couple of photos that i will add to the Family History Album, then googled the house to find that it sold last year, and judging by the photos the house doesn’t look like it has been renovated in years.

Caught my eye

So many things have caught my lately.

  • Many Many items from Kmart
  • Betty Crocker Kitchen Utensils
  • The Nescafe Red Mug Machine (and i don’t even like that coffee).

Moments in Time from This week in February

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As found on Veggie Mama.


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