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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


If we where having Coffee right now…

We could chat about how i have been working on Family History February. Picking something new to do every few days. I haven’t physically taken all of the photos out of Albums, but i have more of an idea of where things are.

I have also worked on my Story questions. I am thinking of getting it printed into a book. Not sure how i will go about it yet. But have made it into chapters now, so its a lot less mess than it was in.

last night i printed out some Ancestry stuff. One for me and one for Jack. and put them both into a Family Tree of the past three generations, now i just have to fill in the gaps on Ancestry and then print them out again and put them into the Family Tree album. We have had a few Births, Deaths and Marriages in the past few years since i last worked on the lower part of the tree.

I just sat and watched Becky Higgins Video of Project Photo Rescue and it has given me more determination to get all of these memories into some kind of order.

If we where having Coffee right now…

Our car has been playing up, so its been in getting fixed. Angel messaged me to ask where the car was i told her it was in Burnie, and she wanted to know why the car had been left unsupervised. then told me off for not telling her it was actually at the mechanics. Kids..

If we where having Coffee right now…

I would tell you that we have another rent inspection in just under ten days and i am procrastinating about it… Somedays i just want to put it all in boxes and forget about it.

If we where having Coffee right now…

I am loving the look and feel of my blog right now, and can’t wait to add a few more regular weekly posts. I am still liking the three day a week posting, with anything else i think of going into Tuesday, Thursday or Saturdays posts. So you may notice a post pop up on a Wednesday but backdated to Tuesday. I am also slowly going through almost 5000 posts and adding tags etc. So some posts may appear and be a few years old.

If we where having Coffee right now…

Jack went to pick the car this morning and also picked up my Nikki Lissoni Bracelet that i had in for repairs. So i finally have both together, just have to add the other charm that i got for christmas back on. Still looking at a couple of other charms and perhaps bracelets..

In Reality… 

I am watching Molly Part 2, and thinking i could really do with a 2nd coffee for the day.

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