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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


If we where having coffee right now …

I would tell you about the lovely night we had on Saturday. Burnie are having Food on the Foreshore Nights, where there is a selection of Food Stalls that you can buy from, and then eat it watching the waves come in. it started at 4pm, We got there close to 7pm and one of them had sold out of almost everything. So was a popular idea. Its going for the next month of so. Hopefully we will be able to get there for a few more.

If we where having coffee right now …

I would let you in on a secrect and tell you that today is really Wednesday and I totally forgot to do this yesterday because i was so entrenched in working on my Family History stuff that i didnt even think of blogging. For the past few years i have been working on and off on my story,

If we where having coffee right now …


Got this round Shelfie last night from the exclusive K-Market and loving it in this space, but its a tad small for the spot. i do however have the kmart round mirror with shelf that may fit here, but then where would i put this one. unless i put it in the soon to be 3rd gallery wall. 🙂

If we where having coffee right now …

I would tell you i am thrilled to have lost over 5kgs on MB12 in two weeks, but i also dont believe a number my scales tell me, cause usually they are wrong.

If we where having coffee right now …

Clothing sizes… SUCK!.. i’m in the process of getting a Capsule Wardrobe together and so i went to Kmart (first mistake), and brought 4 tops, a sleevless jacket, and two pairs of Jeggins… I know totally diffrent to what i normally wear. 3 of the tops are now Angel’s.. says it all. its not that i didnt like them, i did and i thought about my choices but they are all to small. 😦 so back to the drawing board for me, in chosing clothes.


In Reality … 

i started this post on a wednesday morning and now its wednesday night, the day has just gotten away from me.



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