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Part’s of our Story





A few years ago not long after we lost Dad, I brought this book. Before Mum passed away I got her to write in it (it’s only a couple of things, but it still means the world to me). A couple of times a year I pull it off of the shelf and journal in it. I have so much to add to my early years too. I have spoken about it lots on here. 

Fast forward to us moving here, and I won a competition on a blog for an Amazon Voucher, it took so long to find something to buy, but eventually i did and it was a second copy of this book, this time for Angel, it was a gift to her for her Birthday. Now she is old enough she can start filling in her own exciting things. (again i need to fill the early years in).

Jack doesnt have his own copy, but I would like to get one for him as well, so we could have a complete set, this is the most expensive of the 4 books. But have manged to find a couple of australian websites welling it for just under $100. 

  • This one also comes in Natural (a cream/beige colour).



In 2014, I started a scrapbook of all of the photos of Jack and Myself, well that scrapbook is now full. I have just made a request to Jack that he gets me this book, and the two below for my birthday next month. 

  • This one also comes in Grey



Many many years ago now, Mum gave each of us girls in the family a handmade cookbook, mine got misplaced somehwere along the way, and i only have a couple of recipies of hers (so will need to do a shoutout to family to see if i can get photos of someone’s book, so i can transfer it across to this).

  • Noted: Disapointing that this is white/silver writting when the rest are in gold. 
  • This one also comes in Red.



The last of the Books is a Travel one, and even though i have one that i was gifted a few years ago, this would be wonderful as it would match the others, and then i could actually organise some of the photos and things from our cruise’s and trips into one place, my gifted travel journal is a lot smaller and even adding photos is quite difficult. 

  • This one also comes in Blue. 

And as i have to sort through photos anyway i can just add them to these books instead.

Photos and memorbillia do make them pretty bulky, but i guess thats the joy of memory keeping. 

With the journalling that i have been doing in the Family tree books, and the Dear Mum one’s (see an earlier post from this week about Memory keeping), i should have all bases covered for Angel. 

Now if only they made a Family Tree Journal as well. then my life would be complete.

Photos via Suck UK – Click on Book Title links for more information and more photos. 





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