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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


If we where having coffee right now…

It’s so very quiet around here right now. Angel is at camp for the week, and Jack is working. So it’s me and the pets hanging out and watching Netflix (Finally finished watching House yesterday) (watched the first couple of episodes of Oringe is the new black, then watched thee of the Jack Irish Mini Series and today The History of the Eagles) and playing with my planners.

If we where having coffee right now…

Speaking of Planners, i think i have the three main ones sorted out, and have spent the past few days creating and printing my own stickers, and after finding that they where just getting messy in a contanier, i have bagged up each catagory and placed them into a small photo album.

If we where having coffee right now…

So much smoke around at the moment, so my asthma is really playing up. There is over 80 Fires in the state at the moment.

If we where having coffee right now…

Such sad news about Glenn Frey today. Many years ago I brought a CD of The Eagles Greatest Hits for my Dad for Fathers Day, I opened it and listened to it, kept the CD and brought him a Mars Bar, have brought a few Eagles CD’s since then, and seen them in concert too. As an Eagles fan for about 20 odd years. We saw the Eagles in concert a few years ago. (Googled it and turnes out it was in November 2004). Such a sad loss for the Music industry this month already. I am sure dad’s up there going to the biggest and best concert ever. RIP Glenn Frey.

If we where having coffee right now…

I would ask you how you are going (let me know by leaving a comment below).

In Reality…

I am sitting watching House Hunters with the kitten, and drinking water.

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