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Kikki K Wellness Planner


Via Kikki K Website (I haven’t had a chance to take a photo yet)

Time to Plan-er The 550Th Edition… Ok kidding there could have been more.

textured_leather_wellness_planner_grey_angleThe Kikki K Wellness planner just arrived and oh my wow its beautiful. There are so many Goal Pages to fill out, and various style planner pages for meal plans, and fitness. I can see if doing MB12WBT (Which i may do again at some stage this year) or any other Fitness Programme this Planner would be perfect for it.


I have spent sometime this morning before getting majorally distracted by sorting out all of my new planners and stickers setting up some of the goals and menu plans until the end of January.


I really like the light pastel colourings of the pages, it’s not in your face like some planners can be, it’s actually quite soothing and relaxing. I can’t wait to finish filling it all out and adding my own touches too it, although i am going to keep it pretty decorative free, I have the Heidi Swapp Planner for that, and the Hello Forever Planner for Family Stuff.


The month to two pages I will be using to track my water intake. There is a daily space for Water Intake, but due to me starting it today i wanted to track what i have already had so far this year.


The Menu Planner is set out weekly for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snacks and i have set it up as a monthly planner just writting the week date from to in those areas.


There are some lovely quotes spread throught the Planner with the divider quotes and tabs in gold foiling which is really pretty.


• Measurements (Planner): 240mm L x 200mm W x 40mm H (Maximum height of paper that can be inserted) / 9.85″ x 7.87″ x 1.57″

• Measurements (Ring Diameter): 28mm / 1.1″

• Measurements (Ring Spacing): 15mm between each and 65 mm middle gap / 0.59″ and 2.56″

• Measurements (Weekly Good Habits Pad – 25 sheets): 95mm L x 95mm W / 8.24″ x 5.71″

• Outer made from trendy Saffiano leather + a stud closure

• Lining made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton blend

• Elastic pen loop

• 6 ring binder

• 2 internal slots/pockets

• 1 large pocket

• Mini ‘Weekly Good Habits’ pad

• Perpetual (not dated) Calendar

• Tabs for Calendar, My Day, Weekly Reflection, Mind, Nutrition, Exercise

• Fun exercised to explore the different areas of your wellbeing

• Logs, planners and shopping lists

• 3 Sticker Sheets

• Inspiring quotes & prompts

• Notepad


For more information check out the Kikki K site there is also a YouTube clip to see how it can be decorated.

All photo’s are from the Kikki K Website (i hope to be able to take some in a few days).

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